Monday, April 16, 2012

The Universe Is a Symphony of Vibrating Strings

Dr Michio Kaku

…a Short Period of Turmoil
 Followed by a Forever of Happiness

Michael channeled by Ron Head
April 16, 2012

We are heartened to see the understanding of the overall message of all of our channels spreading far and wide among all those who follow them.  Angelics, masters, and star brothers have all been giving you the same basic information; and, as expected, it has been readily and hungrily absorbed.

This, along with your rapid raising of your vibrational signatures, is bringing the date of your release from the old paradigm closer.  Truly, you have not much longer to wait before the changes which are already proceeding begin to be obvious to everyone.  So much that needs to happen will have to happen so quickly that you may feel as if your heads are spinning.  We would hope that to be a joyful and not a stressful thing.  So much depends upon your ability to maintain calm among your friends and neighbors.  Exuberance and joy are fine.  It is the inevitable fears of many that could cause problems.  But exuberance and joy are contagious, you know.  Please feel free to exhibit them to your heart’s content.

The same applies to all of the things which will be going on this summer.  You will have much support in this.  There will be constant broadcasts explaining what is going on.  But fear is a drug that has been supplied for many thousands of years and will be a hard habit to break for some.  We bring its antidote with us, love and joy.  We recommend liberal dosage daily.

Your lives are about to see a short period of turmoil followed by a forever of happiness.  Those who are able to define their dreams well will be amazed at the results of their efforts.  And there is a saying you have which will apply neatly, “A rising tide raises all boats.”  That is the function of lightworkers and wayshowers after all.  You will be, as always, the lamp burning in the corner.  Continue to raise your brightness now, for soon your light will be needed more than ever.

We hold you in our love and protection now, as always, and continue to cheer you onward.  Take my sword of truth now and use it with love to bring the light to your world.  Until tomorrow, dear friends.

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UFO:The Greatest Story Ever Denied

A film by Jose Escamilla

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Ben Fuflord: It is Time to Take the Ring of Power
  to Mount Doom

Lord of the Rings
and Mount Doom
Aragorn: Are you frightened?
Frodo: Yes.
Aragorn: Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you.
Frodo: What do you want?
Aragorn: A little more caution from you, that is no trinket you carry. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret, a master ring, to control all others. And this ring has to be destroyed...[in the fires of Mt Doom]

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
April 17, 2012

The battle for control of the global financial system and thus the future of the planet has reached a temporary deadlock as the committee of 300 struggles to maintain power even as the rest of the world continues to push for a fair, free and open financial system controlled by the people of the planet. The situation has reached the point where physical action against the committee (mainly in the form of mass arrests) has become the only possible recourse.

One problem, of course, lies in the issue of what to do about the “ring of power,” or the job hitherto referred to as M1, wherein a single individual has ultimate control over the creation and distribution of money. There is no M1 now according to the Swiss government and other sources. Somebody needs to make sure that never again is a single individual given such power and that means metaphorically taking the centralized control of finance and dissolving it in the “Mt. Doom,” of the Lord of the Rings to ensure that humanity is once again free from debt slavery and horror.

Major Events Are Weeks Away

SaLuSa, April 16, 2012
As channeled by Mike Quinsey

When we speak of our allies we generally refer to those who are Lightworkers, at the front of activities that are occurring with our backing. They are the ones who are preparing the way for the greater advancement of our programs, that are restoring your sovereignty and opening up the way to Ascension. Yet in essence every Lightworker unbeknowingly or not is part of the Divine Plan, ensuring that it is successful. What our coming will do is enable us to provide the details of why we are here, and reveal that we will speed up the changes to complete all tasks as quickly as possible. We believe that will put peoples minds at rest as to our intent, and clearly indicate that we come in peace.

Our mission has recently changed from passive roles to ones that directly engage the dark forces, and we are enforcing the edict given to your military authorities that the use of nuclear weapons is not going to be allowed. We are paving the way for a declaration of world peace, from which point the use of any weaponry will be banned. As a precursor to such happenings, we need honest and trustworthy people in positions of power who will abide by such rulings. Hence, after the dark Ones are removed, we will support such appointments as we need them to get fully behind the changes. As a result you will be propelled into a new era when your rights will be restored, and power returned to the people.

The Fountain of Life Class

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