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Open Letter From Some Colorado Jews:
U.S – Israel: Don’t Attack Iran

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May10, 2012

Dear Friends,

Support for a military attack on Iran is, plain and simple, support for mutually assured destruction,  not only for the State of Israel, but also for Israel’s Palestinian neighbors.

Any military escalation in an unstable Middle East is akin to throwing a lighted match onto a
powder keg. The consequences cannot be contained by any conventional strategy, and regional
diplomatic efforts will be set back decades.

This opinion is widely shared well outside peace activist circles. It has been heatedly expressed
by Major General Meir Dagan, former Israeli Mossad Director (2002 – 2011) who said,
“[Attacking iran] would mean regional war and in that case you would be giving Iran the best
possible reason to continue the nuclear program.” He adds it’s “the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

And US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta agrees. “The consequences [of military action]
could be that we would have an escalation … that would not only involve many lives, but could
consume the Middle East in confrontation and conflict we would regret.”

Clearer heads must prevail!

The nuclear arms race during the Cold War left the world with nuclear arsenals estimated by the
Stockholm international Peace Research Institute in 2009 at 23,000, which is 2000 times the total firepower used during WWII. In this regard, We agree with both the Obama administration and J-street, the staunchest pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby in the U.S. The world does NOT need another nuclear weapon ready state. However, a military strike sends precisely the opposite message.

To folks who believe America and Israel should and will hold the upper hand in the nuclear
balance of power indefinitely, you might want to think again. Perhaps, the most persuasive
argument to the rest of the world for nuclear non-proliferation would be good-faith reduction
in nuclear firepower among the current super-powers. That makes a whole lot more sense than
bombing an adversary to make sure they never build bombs.

Toward sustainable peace,

Elissa J. Tivona, Ph.D.
Office of International Initiatives,
Colorado State University*

Rob Prince
Lecturer, International Studies
University of Denver – Korbel School of International Studies

· – affiliations for identification purposes only.

Note: there are now a dozen signers; when the list is complete, the full list of names will be printed

Galactic Codex

I didn't post this article earlier as the Portal 2012 blog was new and I wasn't sure what direction Cobra was taking  the blog.  I think its time I posted "The Resistance" view on the situation on earth, which the Glactic Codex provides deep insight. -AK

New French leader fires a broadside at Britain:
You only care about the City of London,
says President Hollande

PUBLISHED: 18:25 EST, 7 May 2012

New French president Francois Hollande launched an outspoken attack last night on Britain’s obsession with protecting the City of London from Brussels-inspired legislation.

As David Cameron warned that the single currency is in ‘extreme trouble’, the socialist victor suggested that Britain is ‘indifferent to the fate of the euro area’ and ‘attentive only to the interests of the City’.

This is despite the fact that billions of pounds of UK taxpayers’ money is already being used to prop up the basket-case currency.

France's outgoing president Nicolas Sarkozy, right, shakes hands with president-elect Francois Hollande, left, before a ceremony marking the 67th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in World War II

Mr Hollande, who campaigned against austerity measures designed to save the euro, went on to threaten the UK with new Europe-wide taxes to neuter the City of London.

He signalled his support for an EU-wide transaction tax on financial deals and a fresh push for tax harmonisation – both of which are fiercely opposed by the British government.

PORTAL 2012:
Clarification about the State of Affairs;
Clarification about Archons;
Fall of the Archons

This series of articles was posted by Cobra at Portal 2012 last week. The blog first came online in March. Cobra caused a bit of a shock when the article on Archons first appeared.  Anyone who has read any of Christian Gnostic writings has seen the term Archons before. Gnostic writings are generally shunned in orthodox Christian circles and Gnostic believers were severely persecuted by the Church.  I never took the idea of Archons seriously until last week, but I had read of them. After reading the first article on May 8th, I was left with more questions than answers. I wasn't alone in that. 

Some of this material is very dark in nature, and concerns information relating to higher dimensional entities who control the Greys and Reptoids, who in turn control the Cabal.  

I thought I'd post the most recent articles first, so that those of you who chose to read this article are not put into the same state of shock that those of use who have been following the developing saga at Portal 2012. This rabbit hole went quite a bit deeper than I knew.  If you want to get a peek at our confusion and shock, read the comments at the bottom of this article which I have lifted in part from Portal 2012. The complete set of comments is still at Portal 2012, I just lifted a few of them.

To set the stage for this, the Portal 2012 blog has billed itself as "The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light in 2012". No small billing. I don't remember exactly how I discovered it, but the physics on the site got my interest. For who this resistance movement is and its activities in this solar system please see their article here: 

I'll try to answer any questions on this, but don't expect me to defend or attack this material because its as new to me as it is to you.  For some reason I feel its time I post what I have learned in the past week and let you deal with it on your own terms.  As always use your own discernment.

It takes a while to digest this material - so before you begin - make sure you're in a good state of mind. If you had a bad day, come back to this at another time when you are more spiritually refreshed. You'll need it.

I originally wasn't going to post this material to American Kabuki because the initial article created more questions than it answered, and seemed to conflict with information I had received from my sources.  

At first, I didn't see how this information offered any value, even if true, in the struggle against the Cabal. Cobra has since provided clarifications to his first post and it makes sense why he/she  posted it (Cobra's gender is not stated).

As a final note, you may find yourself asking what you can do to help make this situation humanity has been in for eons, better. Its pretty simple, for one thing, you can participate in the meditation tomorrow for the mass arrests. You can continue to mediate for a peaceful and rapid transition to the new world that awaits for humanity over the next several months. This will be a time of turbulence where much that was hidden is revealed.
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