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Time To Shine Your Phlashlight

GAIA PORTAL: Elevated alignments of Light Filaments allow Coalescence into Gaia Beams of Light

Elevated alignments of Light Filaments allow Coalescence into Gaia Beams of Light
by √ČirePort

Elevated alignments of individual Higher D Light filaments have allowed coalescence of these filaments into Gaia Beams of Light throughout the planet. Connection with Essential Cosmic Entities finalizes.

Compression of Time-Illusion brings multiple energetic events into simultaneous manifestation.

Hue-manity awakens within all humanity.

Celebrations follow quickly.

√ČirePort | November 27, 2012 at 23:37 

URL: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-5y

Don't ask me to translate, I left my handheld universal galactic translator at home....but I like the celebration part!  -AK

Portal 2012: New Developments in Fixing the World Project

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Developments in Fixing the World Project

There have been interesting new developments in Fixing the world project. You can read about it here:


And you can actively contribute here:


Let's do this! Victory of the Light!
Posted by Cobra at 7:31 AM

See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

Michael as channeled by Ron Head

November 27, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


We perceive at this time your beautiful anticipation and your efforts to ready yourselves for the twelve-twelve gateway.  Please do not allow yourselves to go into the energy of stress over this, dear ones.  Your course has been set by your desire and intentions.

We are working with you every moment, especially during your cycles of sleep.  You are in the flow so firmly now that you should be able to just allow yourselves to be carried along with the current.  We would ask you to use three images for the next few days.

 First, please be sure that, as often as you can think of it, you ground yourselves firmly into the energies of your dear mother earth.  Our channel uses the image of a vast system of roots, as those of a great tree.  This will work nicely indeed if you have not an image of your own.

Next, as you feel the wonderful flow of unconditional love surrounding you, please see yourselves sharing it with the entire network of lightworkers on and around the planet.

And finally, breathe into your heart, find your love and gratitude for all that is transpiring, and send that gratitude to the source of your life.  Be thankful for all that you are and all that you are becoming.  What you feel in those moments, allow yourselves to sit in, float in, absorb into every cell of your being.

Some of you, most of you, are getting momentary glimpses, hints, moments of insight, into what may be approaching for you.  These will expand, slowly for some, explosively for others.  Savor them, rejoice in them, but perhaps hold them for now quietly in your hearts.  Let their energies grow within you.  You will know when to share them.

Meantime, as the tsunami of internal change approaches, please await it with joy and love.  It is, after all, the answer to your collective prayers and the hopes of billions over vast stretches of your cycles of time.  See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

Hold our hands tightly now and prepare to step into your future.  Hold us in your hearts as we hold you in ours.  Good day.

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Update on the Cobra Interview

I completed the second part of the cobra interview last night.  I have a bit of editing to do, plus I need to modulate his voice as he desires to continue his anonymity for a few more months, which I will honor.  Lady Cobra was exhausted from the conference and schedule and was not able to be interviewed last night so we will do that at a later time when she is refreshed and energized, probably via Skype.  I do think very highly of Cobra and Lady Cobra. Cobra has an amazing amount of information.

I got a few more details, well a lot actually, which you will hear in the interview.  I won't further you tease you anymore than I already have.  The views in the upcoming interview are his, not necessarily mine, in many cases I do not have enough knowledge to know whether they are true or not.  I have always liked Art Bell's style of interviewing, to let the speaker tell his story without judgement from the interviewer and let the listener make up their own mind without interjecting my own bias. I think that exercises the listener's mind in discernment. We in America have become so used to consuming predigested and spin doctored information that many have lost their ability to discern on their own. That needs to change.  My interviews and Brian's will not be ABC Nightly News, nor will we be Kerry Cassidy (who btw does a fine job in vetting cabal information).   

Most of what Cobra said rings true to me, but like me, he is human and subject to opinions, influences, and error.  You should use higher discernment with all sources including me.  Unlike some blogs I do not think it serves anyone that I presume to know things that I do not know,  just to look authoritative. There is no dishonor in saying "I do not know". I know I am loved by God so I don't need to get my ego stroked from others by pretending that I do have every answer, when in fact I don't. It is impossible to know all answers, but it is noble and a high human calling to search for answers.  

I do enjoy searching and solving the hard puzzles of life on this planet and why things are the way they are.  I think all answers are out there in the holograph of humanity, but to find them we must work with each other and learn from each other to come to complete knowledge.  I think the Creator Source desires this to be true so that we come to know who we are completely through this search and interactions with other loving human beings.

I apologize in advance for my amateur interviewing skills, this is something I am still learning how to do.  I am a computer Geek learning how to be a reporter. If any of you know of good books on interviewing, please let me know.  

I do have a new colleague named Brian who will be doing a number of interesting interviews for the American Kabuki blog, he's already done one with POOF but we don't have POOF's permission to release it yet due to the sensitivity of the change in the monetary system.  Most of the interviews in the future will be through Brian. Brian will have a upcoming interview with an expert on the founding documents of the United States. Brian has a degree in communications and is really a good interviewer.  I am sure you will enjoy his upcoming interviews.  I will also be looking into adding an Interent radio or Podcast program soon too.    

I am making all kinds of new connections with people and my life is continuing to unfold in new and unexpected ways.  I met some interesting people last night after the interview.  It always makes me laugh when people realize I am American Kabuki.  "I thought you were Japanese!", is a common exclamation. 

I had to laugh when I got into my car after I left Cobra's last night. I looked at my iPhone and it was 11:11pm.  As drove south on Pacific Coast Highway there was another UFO like the one I saw previously!  That was a nice touch! Thanks guys! :)  I wasn't able to get it on the iPhone as my battery was depleted.  When I got home I did some more work on the computer last night and when I looked at the clock again it was 1:11am. That kind of number synchronicity is happening constantly lately so I feel in the midst of the flow right now.  Living in the NOW is an interesting experience, its not something you force, more something you relax into.  

That's it for now!

American Kabuki
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