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Connecting the OPPT Dots: More Evidence that the
Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real

Connecting the OPPT Dots: More Evidence that the Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real
by Paula Humfrey

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Gotta ask: what is the nature of the fraudulent activity that major banks have undertaken?

As best I can tell, national and international banks, like the governments reporting to them, follow a business model that leans entirely on enormous off-ledger accounts backed by undisclosed gold holdings. All banking transactions are fully backed by gold, secured in a series of public trusts that were originally intended to be payable to each person on earth. Bank principals do not disclose this fact to their customers.

The public trusts in question are very old and they are astronomically valuable. The One People's Public Trust, for example, assigns a minimum value of five billion gold-backed U.S. dollars to each citizen of earth, irrespective of nationality. Keeping these points in mind sheds new light on standard banking transactions. Let's consider a handy example.

Effectively, when a bank customer requests money in the form of a 'loan', the bank immediately covers the full amount of that 'loan' by drawing funds from the customer's public trust account, via a computer link to a central bank. The bank records the transaction by adding the amount of the so-called 'loan' to its own asset base. In this way, the customer's debt is paid as soon as that debt is created on the bank's ledger. This is the point in the transaction at which fraud is committed: the bank does not tell the customer that the bank has already been paid. Instead, the bank tells the customer that a 'loan' has just been created in the customer's name, and insists that the customer must pay the bank the full amount of that 'loan', plus compound interest, by some assigned future date. This is the mechanism by which a bank creates money ex nihilo, 'from nothing'. 

It strikes me that this may still seem a tad implausible, so let's investigate further. AK on this blog and D at Removing the Shackles have helpfully been providing us with documents over the past several days that trace the shadowy outline of yet another public trust.

So how does this connect to Ferdinand Marcos's will and the Philippines' gold?

In recent posts, AK has presented a copy of Ferdinand Marcos's Last Will and Testament and also a copy of an intriguing agreement between Marcos and a person named Anthony Santiago Martin. AK's transcription of Marcos's barely legible will clears our vision. As Sophia Love says, "The gift of this moment is clarity... We have only to choose where to focus." [ LINK: ]

Now we can see the provenance of the Philippine gold, because Marcos's will outlines a trail going back a thousand years. Indeed, we read that:

"[t]he blissful period of pre-Hispanic Philippines clearly indicates a sophisticated cultured people who focused on peaceful commercial trade, maritime exploration while maintaining friendly and viable economic relations with their neighbors. A far cry from the depictions made by European historians who portrayed a people whose existence began as a colony of Spain and for many years was deemed as the only source for the study of Philippine history." [ LINK: Charity Beyer, The Philippines Before Magellan ]

A vast amount of wealth existed under Marcos's charge. The details of both documents, Marcos's will and the 'Ultimate Agreement', caught my attention right away. Both documents repeat the names and features that had me scratching my head when I earlier looked at information concerning off-ledger trusts: Spiritual Wonder Boy... King ASM... Those 'infinity' symbols again...  [LINK to 'OPPT Shoe Dropped' ]

After further head-scratching, here's what I've provisionally discerned:

In 1945, Marcos "was the lawyer utilized by Sta. Romano, aka Antonio Diaz (plus many other pseudo names) who was a CIA agent, Ambassador for the Vatican and working closely with General McArthur and General Lansdale. At the time the Philippines was American Territory. At that time Marcos was just a good lawyer, but he eventually became a Congressman, then Senator, then President. Marcos was appointed the Custodian of the assets held in the Philippines, whilst he was still just a lawyer which continued through until 1986... without the signature of the Primary Custodian no one could do anything with the assets, so effectively Marcos had full control of the assets... It was Marcos who appointed Spiritual Wonder Boy and the others (as he was legally [able] to do) based upon his trust in these people and their faith and honesty." [ LINK: Philippines: Wealthiest Nation on Earth ]

As we know courtesy of AK's transcript, Marcos signed a will dated December 20, 1985, leaving the assets in his charge to the people of the Philippines and entrusting management of the assets to one Anthony Santiago Martin, aka. 'King ASM'. Meanwhile, back at the palace,

"Marcos refused to 'play ball' with President Reagan when Reagan, a long-time associate of Marcos, requested (unsuccessfully) that the Philippine dictator provide Washington with a hoard of black gold to back Reagan's new 'Rainbow Dollar', which was an attempt by the American president to create a new gold-backed U.S. currency.  When Washington became aware that Marcos was essentially getting 'too big for his britches,' it was decided that he needed to be removed from power so that the U.S. could gain full access to the hoards of gold hidden away within Malacanang Palace, the official residence of the Philippine president.  Thus, the seeds of revolution were sown, and the masses were stirred up in a revolt against their currently sitting president." [ LINK: New Tomorrow Part II: The Off-Ledger, Occult Economy]

By the time that Marcos died in 1989, Cory Aquino was President of the Philippines. She was not receptive to Marcos's last wishes. At this point, I can contribute another document to the pile. In 2009, the Supreme Court in Manila ruled that Imelda Marcos and her son, Ferdinand II, should continue to control the assets as the executors of Marcos's will, notwithstanding a the prosecution of a lawsuit on behalf of the Philippine people to have the assets repatriated to them directly: [ G.R. Nos. 130371 &130855 ]

Where do we go with all this info? Where did the gold wind up? How does this connect back to OPPT? Let's consider what Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of the One People’s Public Trust has to say on the subject:

“From the old paradigm banking position, right now, the People’s Trust and the One People, All Equally, have the only valid, lawful, legal commercial paper worth anything on the Planet! And as far as what’s backing it, truly what’s backing it is Prime Value, but as of right now, all the gold, silver and precious metals is backing it!”

Well, amen to that.


  1. It might be a good point to emphasize that according to the Will, the Gold were stored at the World Trade Center and of course we now know what fate befalls the WTC.

    1. just added an info from here letter of Undertaking of Pres.Ferdinand Marcos

  2. Why are you so hung up on Marcos? Those actions are long past relevant...

    Everything recent is coming out of Indonesia and seems to be some sort of World Bank/Swissindo/UN 'doings'....

    Google 'Sino.A's Space' and you will find tons of info related to White Spiritual Boy, Spiritual Wonder Boy, and World Bank/Swissindo/The UN...

    You will find a line of info you can follow linking all the current 'goings on' back to the Bretton (sp?) Woods agreement (just after WW2) and The Green Hilton 'deal' made JFK and Soekarno (then ruler of Indonesia)...

    Someone who has the ability to 'figure it all out' MUST begin researching all of the above and passing it along to other pertinent truth 'searchers'!

    1. Cae review who are the committee 300 list of names here.

  3. That is why Ferdinand Marcos never ever been proven about the allegation of stealing the money of the people... instead this who throw accusation wants this so called wealth to taken by their selfish deed.all marcos wants is for the betterment of the filipino hero.. people should wake up...against the lies and propaganda by the Oligarchs..and U.S.

    1. Stealing..perhaps not. Martial law, abuse of people, corruption...that's proven. He was not a nice man.

      If there's any truth to the claims of gold and wealth, he's still guilty of neglecting the prosperity of the Filipino people.

      He does appear to be connected to the Song Dynasty in China, or is the person who stole that wealth. I am not certain yet which is true. It appears he was complicit with the Federal Reserve and perhaps the CIA.

    2. Everybody's a nice person and nobody's a nice person, people are only misunderstood. As a leader, he ruled the Philippines with Iron Hand and disposed those who threatens the progress he was planning for the country and the countries surrounding it, as a person, he tried to lift the lifestyle of every Pilipino by means of industrialization and national progress. The only problem he got was, he got too powerful... too powerful for them to control so they decided to cut the (strings)chains because their (pup)pet was dragging them out.

    3. the real CIA is Ninoy Aquino with the collaboration of communist to depose Pres.Marcos.

  4. Hi there,
    I'm hoping that the post I sent yesterday (it was under "anonymous) is still in line to be there was nothing offensive in it (okay maybe the first line, "I don't know why you keep harping on the Marcos thing..." [when there is so much more current pertinent info to be found involving Indonesia...]

    The post was regarding the relevancy of tons of info which can be found about suspicious links between Indonesia, The World Bank, Swissindo, the UN, Spiritual Wonder Boy, White Spiritual Boy, and much, much more which can be found by googling - Sino.A's Space and following/googling 'names' and terms which stand out as 'odd'...

    I found that there is a code name for the president of the UN, which seems suspiciously cabalistic... It's H.M. Big Top Royal...

    If that post has been refused, please take another look...
    There was nothing intentionally offensive in, in fact, it was full of researched information that could be helpful to the OPPT 'cause'...

  5. may i ask why the post of last will and testament of FMarcos was removed?

    1. Its still there:

      Posts in the popular section on the right side of the page rotate based on their popularity in the last 7 days.

  6. Thanks .... Im searching the HISTORY of the Philippines after the spanish colonial and what i found is the BIBLE IT SELF TELLS THE "COUNTRY OF GOLD" OPHIR is none other than the PHILIPPINES....

    1. and the clan of Ophir came from the clan of Shem..son of Noe

  7. Where does that leave the quote form Professor Victoria Chick, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University College London: when she says “Banks do not lend money. It may feel like it when you get a 'loan', but that’s not what they are doing. They don’t have a pot of money which they are passing on. What they are doing is accepting your IOU… they simply write up your account”.
    I'm confused. Paula says All banking transactions are fully backed by gold. I was under the impression the we the people were the value at least that's what I'm telling the various collections teams wanting payment. Why bother to ask them to "produce documentation of the history of the origin of funds that your company purportedly had prior
    title, ownership and rights to the money allegedly loaded re; the above financial instrument. History
    and origin of funds must show at least three [3] generations of the origin of funds" if all the loans are backed by gold (admittedly it's the people's gold.)


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