Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OPPT Terminology Defined

OPPT Terminology Defined
by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
I realize this may bring up just as many questions as it does answers. So, I suggest these words BE used as a tool to go within, where we can all find what we already KNOW.
- Brian

Source = First Source of all that IS, also known as Creator, Universal Father, God, Allah, Yahweh, and any other title, label or limitation given to First Source by the creations of First Source.

Co-Creator = Eternal Heart created by and from Source, BE'ing.

Universal Contract = Agreement by and between Co-Creator, Eternal Heart, and Source to experience separation, or otherwise contrasts of the whole, Absolute, Source.

Bondservant = Temporary Designation of Co-Creator, Eternal Heart as party to a Universal Contract with Source.

State of Body = the Co-Creator's chosen manifestation, vehicle, transmitting utility, created to carry out the terms and conditions of the Universal Contract.

CVAC = creation's value asset centers and each BE'ing in Source's Universe is a CVAC, individually and equally to all others, with each CVAC granted and guaranteed the right to BE and DO what they BE by their free will choice and the opportunity to exercise that right without prejudice and without damage to any other CVAC, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) = a stationary and consistent planetary system to provide assistance without prejudice to any CVAC in their BE'ing and DO'ing what they BE, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324.

CVAC BRANCH = a local stationary BRANCH of the CVAC SYSTEM that can provide customized assistance (language, cultural, etc.) immediately without prejudice to any CVAC that asks for assistance, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM'S (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) SYSTEMS OF ASSISTANCE = systems of assistance that PAY focused ATTENTION to specific areas, such as treasury, technology, education, health, and other areas, in order to bring the Absolute Data of that specific area on to the table of Transparency for the sole purpose of assisting any CVAC so that any CVAC has the opportunity to make informed choices by their free will. Each of the focused and specific areas work transparently and interdependently to bring forth Absolute Data and to give assistance to any CVAC as the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324/2012128325.

UILO = UNIVERSAL and INTERNATIONAL LAW ORDINANCE, a part and sub-section of LAW ORDINANCE and its records, that are issued by Co-Creators with full responsibility and under full liability of the Co-Creator that issues it... Universal Law Ordinance is noticed by action or inaction while International Law Ordinance, inclusive of its National, and State departments, is noticed by public registration.


  1. I'm curious about the criticism that this is still a continuation of commerce/admiralty law and that we need to return to Common law and the organic Constitution, which the UCC filings do not do. Is the OOPT an interim approach to return to the Organic Constitution and Common law? I can't seem to get a straight answer.

  2. Surely it's not a good idea to use names like "Allah", and "Yaweh" with all their connotations and history?

    I would suggest that it would be wise to stick with something neutral like "Source" or even "Divinity", when referring to "the Creator", something without any specific religious signification, or association with any of the monotheistic pretender gods, as all false authority began with them (and their earthly representatives.)

    Really this should be about recognizing no authority but the divinity within ourselves and all living creatures on the earth. No hierarchies whatsoever.

    I understand that this is what the OPPT means in essence. I think using the old names of "God", and even the use of "the Creator" might be off-putting to some people.

    I think we need to be clear that all authority belongs to the old, now-defunct paradigm. Authority is being replaced by responsibility and ultimately self-responsibility.

    I am very interested in the OPPT and hopefully will be sending out some courtesy notices myself soon. We need so much to begin acting in a positive manner against the old system.

  3. The Rothschilds help you write all this OPPT lingo, why is a blog like this promoting their work I can't even begin to understand

    1. That's a lie. The Rothschild's did not create the OPPT nor did they plan it. They are very unhappy with it.

      They did unwittingly expose hidden information about themselves.

  4. The problem is Yaweh and other "gods" may well not be the true source, but usurpers. Need to be very careful here.


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