Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I ANNOUNCEMENT 1121: Universal Value Exchange,
Release of Advanced and Absolute Technology

Universal Value (UV) Exchange Final Announcement 1121

With the following announcement I send this message to the Eternal Essence's embodied in our Galactic brothers and sisters from Source's Universe:

We, the Bridge Crew and those wishing to work with us, offer ourselves as TRUE liaisons to meet with you as equals in Body, Mind and Eternal Hearts and Essence. To work with you to move forward in the reintroduction of our Galactic families to the Eternal Hearts that call Earth home and to introduce, openly and equally to all, the advance technologies discussed in this announcement.

Embodiments of eternal essence DO use the UV Exchange for Absolute Protection, Insurance and Guarantee that the Advanced and Absolute Technologies are transparent and can be relied upon to be disbursed to all for the sole purpose and intent to know, experience and advance all embodiments of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgement, prejudice, and limits.

As all of us gather as equals in Mind, Body and Eternal Hearts, we work together as embodiments of eternal essence to know and experience consciously quantum exponential and perpetual flow of unity: Absolute Data and Absolute Knowing.

As Equals, without exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgement, prejudice, and limits.

We are One.

  i Announcement Issue 1121 - Release of Advanced and Absolute Technologies


  1. You go Heather, forget about the negatives from Neil, Ben and the rest who still have not grasped (or maybe they did and realize the game is over) comments, you have many peoples support for your extreme work to release hue-manity from this oppressive state!

    Thank you!

  2. so, what I take away, is, I access my value the same way I always have, by offering my services as an auctioneer and appraiser of property and products for individuals and organizations. They have the right to 'work' with me and I with them. SAME as its always been. So if any of you want to be a bidder or a seller at any of my auctions, PM me or email me at Sold@272ALAN.com. We can buy and sell using bitcoin, litecoin, cash, checks or credit cards, maybe even using this new IUV Exchange or Project XIII if any of you can explain it to any of us so we understand it. THANKS, I look forward to your BIDness.


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