Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Hero’s Welcome Home

A Hero’s Welcome Home
18 Apr 2013
Posted by 1Akabal

The fullness of our being descends
Where we are lifted once again
Larger views
Crash into
All that we once knew
Though beautiful pieces remain
After the
Messenger of pain
Dances us
To the dawn
Of a Golden Day

The other night there were three of us OPPT’ers having another marathon Skype phone chat. One of the many topics we covered was what it was like in our lives leading up to this now moment – where we are all meeting each other with grand enthusiasm, tearful celebrations, and laughing hysterically as we share some of our stories from B-OPPT (before OPPT) time. For so many years leading up to this A-OPPT time, we felt desperately alone and forgotten by Creation. Some of us, me included, still feel a need to unravel some of the old stories in order to acknowledge and validate our journey. I still keep thinking about the ones who carried the torch through the years and up to this final stage. The faith and courage of the early risers was of epic proportion and downright heroic. Spirit informed me that there were many of us. Knowing you were out there kept me going. Today we have arrived, which means we too can release the identities that we formed in order to be the lightworkers on ground zero, in our communities and in the trenches. Oh, we will always be helpers and we will continue to help now; it’s just time to let go of anything that defines us in context of the past – whatever that looks like in your life.

Back then, I thought I was completely alone with new eyes and ears – just as many of you felt, I know. Today, with this surge of awakening occurring in the collective, our context is rapidly changing. The ones who woke early and rose to watch the rising sun – seemingly alone – no longer have to identify ourselves as alone, and to pity ourselves as the “voice crying in the wilderness”. All of that is done now. So who are you now? Who am I? Our energy has been freed up to DO and BE beyond just being “the one who waits”, or the tortured artist, or the shamanistic spiritual advisor. We will certainly continue to create art and BE a spiritual demonstrator – but all that we create and share springs from this glorious new foundation and larger context of total freedom. ALL OF US ARE AWAKENING into this together. Imagine defining our passion(s) from the foundation of this KNOWING!

Today I am remembering more. And I am ecstatic to find many others who are remembering now too… rising into the Truth…  A message from the Angelics in 2004:

We want you to know that WE validate you every step of the way but you may not necessarily be able to value or honor the faint voice as it is at this time; albeit, we are still a golden murmur in your heart and growing louder by the minute.

We are the other you…coming Home. Who is coming home to whom? That is a good question – a tricky thing to translate. From our view, you have sent aspects of your Self out into other realms for study and research…AND you have never actually left Home. You have never actually left our side. Interesting concept is it not? You will laugh like you’ve never laughed before when you remember fully. This laughter will lift you to the frequency of ecstasy…the frequency that will bounce and carry you to the center of your Self.

We love you. We actually adore you. YOU are the heroes of this epic story. Yes. Feel that now. Embrace this truth…for it is the ultimate truth of who you are. Welcome Home.

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