Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Wait

We’ve embarked on yet another Quest.  For two years we’ve travelled together and still there is further to go.  For we have not seen what we are searching for, and we are associative learners.  Repetition and familiarity jog our memories.  There is nothing familiar about Absolute Freedom.  Unconditional Love is sovereignty.  “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

Realize what the words mean.  Examine the Gods in your life.  Who or what is preventing you from Love Absolute?  To Love is a fearless act.

Freedom is something we like to hear tales about and fight for.  Yet fight and freedom are oxymorons.  You must not fight for that which you are.  You must accept that which you are and BE.

For we are One.  There is no other.  Love is your very essence and to realize itself does not require a fight.  Do your lips argue over which is right?  How could you kiss without the upper?  How could you kiss without the lower?

The Gods before you have demanded subservience.  You may say, “I have only one God.”  Yet I tell you this, any person, idea, law, situation or belief that requires your compliance before you are accepted – is a “God before you.”

You require nothing.  Agape is the force that propels your BEing.  You have come to this life fully prepared to embrace your truth within a sea of falsehoods.

For Agape and Freedom are synonymous.  You are not here to be inhibited or limited or diminished.  You are here to realize and be the essence of Eternal Love.

In our everyday, since we are on a Quest, this demands a noticing.  Step back from your interactions and examine your role in them.  Are you, at any moment, giving up a bit of yourself?

For Love is Free.  It makes no demands.  It has no requirements.  There is not another who can take it from you, all is given.  If you feel you are controlled you have given your power away.  To reclaim it, merely stand.  You carry the truth, and regardless of the shouting and the doubting, the truth will not be stopped.

You are Free.  What would you do right now if you were unlimited?  I tell you this – you are.  So the question then becomes, what are you waiting for?  You are the One.

See you tomorrow,

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