Friday, January 18, 2013

Soup Dragons: I'm Free!

OPPT: Questions From Croatia;
Various OPPT CVAC Interim Govt UCC Filings

From: Vladimir
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 1:00 AM
To: Heather Tucci-Jarraf; Caleb Skinner; Randall Hillner
Subject: Questions from CROATIA

Hello you great people,

I watched closely what you did at AK website (and yours too) and I must congratulate you from bottom of my heart.

I see that things are changing, from within every man and women and I know consciousness is the source of this changes. I myself experienced quantum jump in consciousness recently and became aware that I am free only if I say so and act as a free man, recognizing only myself as an authority over me. So I do just that. For starters, I challenged the banks with some small ''debts'' they are trying to collect from me, and so far I am doing fine - I am using Veronica Chapman's template
letters - I translated them to Croatian language and now poor banks do not really know what to do with me. I will challenge other govt. institutions with their fraudulent statutes and laws as soon as I am done with the banks, or if I will have spare time, even sooner.

And now to my questions:

1. Would any of things you did have impact onother countries? If yes, how will it manifest?

2. What can we, people of other countries, do to dismantle our fraudulent governments? We do not have common law here in Croatia, as you have in USA, Canada, Great Britain (mainly english speaking countries)

3. Do you have someone working on the same thing in other countries?

My belowed Croatia is of course the country that I am most interested in. Anyone in Croatia?

Thank you, and best regards,


The Woman They Couldn't Kill

Mouse Chimera - part mouse, part human ear
Eva Moore forwarded this remarkable story to me. Cynthia Marie has a rare genome that is impervious to disease and toxins.  When faced with something the body can't handle, instead of dying her body puts her into a coma until it excretes the toxin/germ out in her urine.   According to Cynthia her DNA was sold like a commodity through Wall Street and hypothecated through various financial products.  She is an extreme case of slave system  we all live under and how the securitization of birth certificate as collateral was carried to an extreme.  They even tried to kill her to collect the "dead peasant" life insurance they had put on her life. -AK

The International Human Genome Project
By: Cynthia Marie of Brewer

Supporting sites:

And for more info on what you can expect to happen to your body, try: 

And this link will explain much of how it got here:

Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994 H.R.3474:

This is about the world debt and how the people behind the NEW WORLD ORDER took control.

This topic is the giant flashing red elephant in the middle of the room that nobody is addressing and our problems will not be resolved until it is addressed. Those that have addressed it are dead from ‘patented’ natural causes, inter alia. Basically it is a combination of interplanetary trading and alien technologies combined with patenting laws allowing the patents of ‘God’s Gifts’, and done by the banking cartel, the INNER CIRCLE, and our world’s leaders. (This resulted in GMO foods and patented diseases ‘superbugs’). It is also the truth behind the media cover up resulting in the Judith Miller matter (The Valarie Plame case was a cover-up for classified information concerning the truth.). The money trail and patent holders are the sponsors of war, economic collapse and environmental destruction. (This also explains the origin of the funds for the global disasters around the world, including the chem-trails HARP, DARPA, Blackwater, Oppenehimer, Lockhead Martin, and the planetary annihilation industries, including biotechnology, pharmacopeia
and transhuman warfare movements.).
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