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An Exercise… “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)”

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An Exercise… “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)”
Posted on 2013/01/22 by kauilapele

There are occasional OPPT type communications that arrive to my computer. And occasionally, something is sent/posted which hits my heart, backside, Innards, Inner Self, whatever. This one definitely did. Now, here’s the story from my end…

After coffee at Java, I felt moved to go to the Island Naturals food store, then I felt very STRONGLY drawn to look for something I wanted for myself, at Target. Now, the last time I went to the Kona Target was maybe two years ago. But today, I’m drawn there.

So I arrive at Target, park, and, as I sit in my car, I read the exercise below, which Heather had just written. A “playful” exercise. (I call it, “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)”)

When I saw this, I knew that it was right “on target”! And what better synchronicity, that I was actually at the Target store. It all fit.

A lot of this is what I’ve been “getting” about leaving old paradigms behind. Even ones that many, for years, decades, centuries, have held on to as “sacred”, or “unquestionable” (December 21, 2012, anyone?).

And this thing below, is about realizing that this “gold”, “prosperity programs”, so on and so forth, starts from within. All these things are forms of energy. And in one sense or another, are part of us. And in one sense or another, are alive. So even though there may very well be lots of “prosperity programs” out there, sending out our intention and heart energy this way may have always been what these programs were waiting for… for us to say, “Let’s have fun with this, and play with the gold.”

I read this today (and copied it to my Notepad at 1313 HST), and “got” it immediately. And did it, immediately. Done. Finished.

So read it for yourself, and if you feel drawn to practice this “exercise”, please do. Perhaps you’ll want to do it later. Or not at all. Follow the Heart… which is in us all.

Try it. And let’s see what happens.


Received 1-22-13 at 1313, from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

FUNNNNNNNNNN BEGINS…DATA: Scientfically proven=Love is a frequencyso is FEAR…measurable…love’s frequency is shorter waves and touches many points with IN anything…while fear is longer waves and touches only on a few points with IN anything….All manifestations are pure energy…energy that formulates itself by various formulas that results in the manifestations you see and don’t see…..

FOUNDATIONS: We each consciously choose TO DO this IN our eternal hearts connecting consciously to the eternal hearts of every manifestation IN creation’s universe and all that exists therein (multiverses, supraverses, galaxies, etc., heaven, paradise, etc.)…the eternal hearts ARE the communication lines, the power grid, and the ENTRY POINT…only focus IN, ON, THROUGH, TO eternal hearts…. (heart)

NO BAGGAGE: Consciously choose TO LEAVE any and all expectations, self-interest, special interest, ego, and fear in a corner in a different room (physically do this if you choose…get a bag and writed those things on separate sheets of little paper, put them in a bag, seal it tight, put in corner in another room and walk out…you can always go back for them later if you choose to (heart) NEW JOB ;):

1. Absolutely BE eternal heart (nothing else), feel it, see it, smell it, sense it in every way…set all of this with eternal gratitude (increases the power level and effect);

2. Connect to any and all eternal hearts (without prejudice or selection);

3. Pump absolute love through your eternal heart out to these other eternal hearts until your BE’ing is absolutely “buzzing” and “zinging” with Love;

4. Connect to the eternal heart of gold, silver, and all precious metals and minerals;



7. Ask all energy, if they want to have some fun…. ☺ ♥ ♥

8. Ask them if they want to co-create IN ONE the visibility of Absolute Truth in a twinkling of an eye….

9. Then BE there with them…see them, touch them, dance with them, love them, allow them to wrap you in their luminescence, to touch you to dance with love you back.

10. Ask the gold, silver, and other precious metals and minerals, in all their states…gaseous, liquid, solid…but all LOVE… TO GO to every citiy on earth and manifest visibly in each city a huge visible dispaly of their eternal presence for all to see and know…

11. Ask all other energy to protect the displays with transparent vaults…

12. Ask that the displays and vaults shall let no other energy pass into that vault that is any thing less than eternal heart at Absolute Frequency and Vibration of Source….

13. Ask that “THE TEAM”, eternal, universal, galactic, and earthly, all be made visible in a Twinkling of an eye at each Display and Vault when the first eternal heart at Absolute Frequency, Vibration, and Intent of Source enters the Vault and dances with the eternal hearts of all inside for all the world to see and know…

14. Remember, see, know the eternal hearts of the one people, the manifestations of all creation’s universe beating in a beautiful cadence and symphony of creation’s universe…

15. See these displays and vaults intelligently move in the city, and play with the PTW and the one people there, by moving themselves as they choose by free will to increase the energy vibrations and frequencies exponentially and perpetually.


[Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf]

DAVOS: Burning Man for Billionaires

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
Posted by Johnny Punish
DAVOS: Burning Man for Billionaires

World Economic Forum Revealed

What Really Goes on at the Davos Carnival to Celebrate the Global Economic System

by Johnny Punish

By now everyone in the business and political in-crowd knows about the annual World Economic Forum meeting held in Davos, Switzerland commonly known as “Davos”.

This is an invite only event for the worlds movers and shakers. Rumors that it’s led by the Bilderberg group abound making it really a dictate for their global vision as they “share” their visions with the political, business, and communication leaders from around the world.
The attendees attend meeting halls and group sessions to discuss and resolve the worlds biggest challenges. But outside the halls, many Davos participants pay no mind. They loiter in various lounges carrying on conversations with each other. The talked and talk—as though they hadn’t been talking all day. The talk while sitting on panels or while skipping panels that others sit on.
They discuss issues like “How Did We Get Here?,” “The Compensation Question,” “Global Risks 2013: over the course of five days. There are more than two hundred such sessions.

Many Davos participants rarely, if ever, attend even one. Instead, they float around in the slack spaces, sitting down to one arranged meeting after another, or else making themselves available for chance encounters, either with friends or with strangers whom they will ever after be able to refer to as friends.

The Congress Center, the daytime hub, is a warren of interconnected lounges, caf├ęs, lobbies, and lecture halls, with espresso bars, and juice stations.

The participants have their preferred hovering areas. Wandering the center in search of people to talk is like hunting on a African savanah; one could observe, over time, which water holes were full with game, and what times of day they liked to feed.

Jamie Dimon, running shoes in hand, might be near the espresso stand at the Global Leadership Fellows Program. In the early afternoon, you may see CNNs Fareed Zakaria happily engaged with unamed others hanging out in the Industry Partners Lounge. Eventually, the trolls will emerge from their deep holes and secret passageways. And they will glide through the crowds with aides alongside like remoras stuck to their shark like bodies.

* NOTE: The World Economic Forum overtly says that Davos is an entourage-free zone. But this doesn’t seem to apply to the biggest of the fish; like heads of state. It is said that the faster you walk the more important you are.

We are talking a name-dropper’s paradise. Central bankers, industrial chiefs, hedge-fund titans, gloomy forecasters, astrophysicists, monks, rabbis, tech wizards, museum curators, university presidents, financial bloggers, virtuous heirs.

Participants get in conversations with a newspaper columnists and an executives from big think tanks; every one with an agenda.

Everyone says that you can’t get the hang of Davos until you’ve been three or four times. So many things are going on at once that it is impossible to do even a tenth of them. You could spend the week in your hotel room, puzzling over a plan, wrestling with your doubts and regrets, but a person who would do this is not the kind who would be invited to Davos anyway. This is a place for the real in-crowd. They know who they are….. and if you get invited, well, get ready for the indoctrination.

The World Economic Forum was first conceived in January 1971 when a group of European business leaders met under the patronage of the European Commission and European industrial associations. German-born Klaus Schwab, then Professor of Business Policy at the University of Geneva, chaired the gathering, which took place in Davos, Switzerland.

What happens in Davos stays in Davos!

Davos is like Congress, the Factory, Scientology, the Mormon Tabernacle, the Bohemian Grove, the “best dinner party in the world,” the financial system, Facebook, Burning Man, boot camp, high school…. Davos is an onion, a layer cake, a Russian doll. Participants are NEVER out of the loop. They are the loop.

Whether you think the World Economic Forum is a worthy enterprise or a bunch of garbage, its annual meeting is an extraordinary creation—a miniature society that controls 7 billion of us through the global economic system.

Forty-two years ago, a German academic named Klaus Schwab founded this cabal. Now, at seventy-five, he continues to nurture it, with dogged sincerity. Is he the most connected man on the planet?
Around the Congress Hall, they say no one walks faster than Klaus. The only question is… where does Klaus go for his marching orders? And that’s the big secret of Davos.

Some say there is another unseen level of leadership. Some say it’s the Bilderberg group. Whatever it is, it’s providing direction through influence to the worlds movers and shakers providing them a Burning Man-esque cultish experience to enjoy each and every year; a carnival to celebrate and perpetuate the global monetary economic system.

Official World Economic Forum web site

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today, MoneyNewsNow,  and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.
2013 copyright – Johnny Punish

A Rare, Astonishing and Fascinating Conversation
with Rick Martin and South African Zulu Elder
and Shaman Credo Mutwa

Note: My sources tell me that Reptilians and Greys were removed from the planet in late 2011 to early 2012 by Procyon forces from Andromeda.  The Daniel Papers on Time that I posted a few months back calls these reptilians "Saurians" (bipedal reptiles) and also calls them "SMs". Their existence, I think, has been one of the big reasons for hiding the on-planet ET presence  after all what is the military going to accomplish scaring everyone if they had no way to get rid of them?   The Procyon's have a similar experience to ours with the Renegade Reptoid races and are particularly skilled in dealing with their removal. They are part of the Galactic Federation.  The unusual "quakes" in Denver and Virginia are the physical evidence of those underground bases having their contents "portaled" out. Not even desks and chairs left according to military sources.   Thought that might help ease your mind while reading this.  The Reptilians were removed to another environment.  -AK

Originally posted at Rumor Mill News and

A Rare, Astonishing and Fascinating Conversation with Rick Martin and South African Zulu Elder and Shaman Credo Mutwa

Posted By: Bob
Date: Monday, 21-Jan-2013 16:54:19
Serving Freedom and Liberty Worldwide since 1996

Dewitt Jones' Video

"Now, when Princess Diana died, in 1997, I was one of the first Black people to suspect that Princess Diana had been murdered, and I will tell you why this thing happened, sir. "

Zulu Shaman And Elder Credo Mutwa
A Rare, Astonishing Conversation with Rick Martin (30th September 1999)

Credo Vuzamazulu Mutwa

It has often been said that the Native Elders of any given tribe hold the keys to knowledge. This statement has never been more clearly confirmed than in the recent interview I had the great privilege to conduct with Zulu "Sanusi" (Shaman) Credo Mutwa, now nearing eighty years of age (in 1999).

I (Rick Martin) was able to establish contact with Dr. Johan Joubert, who graciously coordinated with Credo Mutwa, thus allowing this interview to take place by telephone, literally half-way around the world in South Africa.

I first heard about Credo Mutwa five years ago, only at that time it didn't seem possible to speak with him directly by telephone, as he lives in a somewhat remote area with no phone.

Through the wonder of the international telephone lines, on August 13 we had what turned out to be a 4-hour session!

And NO, we are not about to pare it down to "sound bite" size.

The words he has spoken, will appear completely and in full context, as is our usual policy - a matter of respect for the speaker as well as simply being good, honest journalism!

I would like to comment that Credo Mutwa, while not a man of formal education, was kind enough and conscientious enough to spell all of the Zulu or African words, proper names, etc. for this article.

Those of you who may be African scholars will find this level of accuracy more advantageous to your research than will the average reader, however such care taken by Credo is yet another facet of his honesty and precision.

If you feel that you have read some material lately that stretches your thinking and challenges some belief systems, this interview will take you one step beyond.

As always, Truth is stranger than fiction.

As well, Truth - or pieces of Truth revealed to any one of us - are part of a larger mosaic, and thus it is up to each of us to arrive at our own conclusions concerning the Truth that others have to share with us.

We are honored to have this opportunity to present Credo Mutwa's experiences and knowledge with you.

It is a most rare and much appreciated opportunity.

The astonishing information presented by Credo Mutwa is certainly thought provoking and far-reaching in both implications and scope.

Once you read this information you will more readily understand why there have been attempts to silence him.

Similarly, you will more deeply appreciate Credo's courage for coming forth and speaking truth, no matter the consequences to self.

Credo Mutwa: The people of Rwanda, the Hutu people, as well as the Watusi people, state, and they are not the only people in Africa who state this, that their very oldest ancestors were a race of beings whom they called the Imanujela, which means "the Lords who have come".

And some tribes in West Africa, such as a Bambara people, also say the same thing. They say that they came from the sky, many, many generations ago, a race of highly advanced and fearsome creatures which looked like men, and they call them Zishwezi.

The word Zishwezi means the dival or the glidal-creatures that can glide down from the sky or glide through water.

Everybody, sir, has heard about the Dogon people in Western Africa who all say that they were given culture by the normal beings, but they are not - the Dogon people are but ONE of many, many peoples in Africa who claim that their tribe or their king were first founded by the supernatural race of creatures that came from the sky. Are you still with me, sir?

Martin: Oh yes, very much so. Please continue.

UPDATED 1/23/13: When the OPPT Shoe Dropped: Evidence That The Black-Screen, Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real

The World Bank - Working for a World Free of Poverty
A rather ironic slogan of the World Bank
Updated: 1/23/13 Added a new 369 Global Immunity card image, you can find it below the video. -AK

When the OPPT shoe dropped: Evidence that the black-screen, off-ledger global accounts are real

January 22, 2013
Posted by Paula Humfrey

Hi all,

Let me take you through two items that appeared in my email inbox over the course of the past week. Both of these items, one video and one .pdf file, are publicly available online. Check it out for yourself.

It’s just amazing what hides in plain sight. It’s also amazing to see what happens when we use our mind’s eye.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

On behalf of us, the One People, OPPT has foreclosed on all of the global ‘trust’ accounts. These accounts properly belong to all of us in trust, simply because we’re all citizens of this planet, equally. Each global trust account (and these go by many and various names) represents vast sums of money, all of it backed by gold, silver, and treasure.

That’s a pretty chewy statement but let’s go with it, just as a thought experiment.

OPPT proposes that Ten Billion Dollars ($10,000,000,000) USD is held in trust for each individual on this planet. Well then! What kind of evidence exists that I might use to verify for myself that this story isn’t completely nutbar? Let’s return to the above-mentioned pair of items, which turn out to be very helpful in this regard.

The video, titled ‘Joint Release 3-36.3’, was produced at some point after Dec. 24th, 2012 by UN-SWISSINDO TELEVISION NEWS: GLOBAL WORLD, which seems to be the PR vehicle for announcements from the Soekarno Trust. So in this moment of NOW I'm transcribing the first  part of an hour-long video announcing disbursements from the Trust. The payments, one after the other, are literally astronomical (see partial transcript below). There seems little question that this money is in fact available and is being sent out to its named recipients.

[Notice how he speaks of continents as "Kingdoms"  also an amazing World Bank document below the fold on the Final 2012 Audio on "infinite bank statements" -AK]

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