Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vulture Banking Meets Its Maker

Vulture Banking Meets Its Maker
By American Kabuki

My search for understanding the banking system began as quite a young man.  My high school years were rather unspectacular. I thought I was not too bright, after all my grades were Bs and Cs, and that report card meant to me and my parents that I wasn't that bright.  Throw in slight case of undiagnosed dyslexia and I convinced myself I was none too bright.  My limits were set low.  What I really was in high school, was bored and unchallenged. I found out I was smarter than I thought when I went to University.

My high school guidance counselor advised me to "go into the trades", that's just what they told people then they thought were less than worthy of college.  So I set out to be an electrician.

I always liked electricity, and regularly shocked myself playing with the house wiring on my mom's house, but I learned and got quite good at it.  Frightened my mother half to death during the learning stages.  I was not an easy child.  One time I made telegraph with with a big woofer speaker I found in an abandoned TV in the alley. I connected it to a 12 volt AC transformer and a telegraph key pad, and mounted it in this 5 gallon bulk peanut butter can my mom got from the Mormon food place that we got bulk food from for the 6 kids.  Every time I pressed the keypad this 60hz hum reverberated through the house with a slightly metallic sound and my mom came rushing in from the kitchen thinking I had finally done myself in for good messing with the power lines and truly fried myself.  I never saw her so angry and she told me she'd toss me out of house if I ever turned that thing on again!  I complied.  So the next thing I invented was a latching logic circuit out of some electromechanical relays. They didn't make as much noise. I didn't realize then what I invented on my own but I liked the fact it would start a circuit connection and stay connected.  I also tried to create electricity from water, but never succeed at that.  But for some reason I thought it could be done.

"Fuck Off!!! We ARE a Beacon of Light!!!"

We are being watched by everyone.  The story of our “Breaking Free” has been headline news in the Universe for quite some time.  The most fascinating part is that it’s a reality show that’s lasted lifetimes.  Sort of like the Truman Show, only with multiple generations of “Trumans” AKA “Humans”.
Do you remember the part where a light from the set falls from the sky and he see’s it?  That’s the part we’re at now folks.  The artificial lights are dropping like flies.
For your consideration; this posting from my light warrior sister, D, at Removing the Shackles: Be yourself - your brilliant, radiant Self

My favorite line is the title of this post.  This may someday be the title of our story; the story of how we took back our world – “Fuck off!!  We ARE a Beacon of Light!”


Only slaves and servants have masters.  We are sovereign beings.  We are not “waiting” for anyone to grant our freedom.  Freedom is what we are.

The hierarchy is over folks.  You came to end it and to watch the finale.  The finale has begun.  Now we watch.  Our fellow actors are scrambling to keep the reality show going.  Enjoy the show!  Who knows how many scenes they will enact that propagate the illusion of control/need/subservience/obedience/limits?

Our part now is to shine – trust your light.  It is ONE LIGHT and it is ON and it is shining everywhere.  It doesn’t need power from any outside source.  It is IM-POWERED.

Your light will not wait or hold back or hide beneath a basket.  You came now to shine and to be the Source for the Love that transforms everything.  It’s an incredible show that’ll have us glued to our seats, transfixed and amazed.  

Seven Billion Beacons all Blazing through Eternity – that’s what we are!

We are the One.

It is an honor.

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