Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sssh! We Love You!

Received from Julien Wells 4:42 PM

I just woke from a nap where I was playing in a first person shooter game stealthily going around hunting each other in the jungle and some ruins.

However since I was so much better at this game, I would actually sneak right up to them and tackle them and imobilize them, cover their mouth and pin them with a threatening dagger. Then I would whisper "I love you" while I looked into their eyes. Then I would get up and run off with their weapons and get rid of their weapons.

Later I found someone else learning to do exactly what I did and we noticed each other and agreed to stalk this other person hunting others in a valley with a sniper rifle. We both tackled him and said we loved him, then pulled a pin from a grenade in his vest, showed it to him, and both ran off. I saw him fumble frantically for the live grenade he thought was left still attached to his chest and found only a teddy bear holding a heart.

Once realizing he didn't have any grenades at all an explosion (grenade) goes off about 50ft from him in the direction of the valley and alerts the ones he was sniping/hunting.

I look to him and we lock eyes, I send him my love through the gaze and put my finger up to my mouth "Shhhh", and he gets the message and smiles.

Retelling this dream right now is making me tear up. AND AS I TYPED THAT LAST SENTENCE A THUNDERCLAP OUTSIDE MY HOUSE GOES OFF FROM LIGHTENING!!! Havn't heard a thunderclap here in Seattle for maybe a year!

Corporation of London

My brother took this photo during the London Olympics.  -AK

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