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The ZAP Report 8-18-2013

Text in red is from AK/Bill...and not part of the original posting...
Greetings and Salutations,

We have definitely entered another round of "Rumor Du'Jour, Funny Season". It's very important to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. If you are paying attention many of these rumors appearing as FACT re-surface about every 3 months and this has been part of the ever-ending story for at least the last 12 years give or take. Remember the meaning of FEAR...False Evidence Appearing Real. Discernment is a mandate in this time of change. Don't take any wooden nickels.

The shark's are certainly searching for "Chum" out in the waters of the internet. Prosperity Programs have been closed for years. Be cautious and discreet with what you are willing to be bitten by. All those that have attached their energy to one or many of these programs will receive their promised returns. There will be other opportunities in the future but not until all the changes have been put into place. 

From Zap……….

Hi All

Oh boy. much talk out there. and even the grand disinformation guys have no choice but to mix a greater amount of truth into their rants.

In respect of the Dinar RV…There is talk that china does not want it to happen. why wouldn’t they? They bought a container load in preparation of buying iraq oil on the cheap. why would they buy cheap oil when their reserves are so huge? Because they want to use all that is available out there, and when others run out, they still have theirs, and will be able to sell for premium. Typical Chinese method of doing business. it has worked for many years. common sense right?

When will it happen? It could happen tonight for all I know. Remember I do not play in the Dinar arena, but do get interesting information directly.

This came to me the other night in respect of both the redemption of the historic assets and the RV: We have been told, the signatory for the buyer will be sending out contracts September 5th to the owners of the bonds (historic assets). That is only 2 short weeks away.

Gaia Portal: Golden Sparkles Pervade all Gaia Beings
at all Levels

Golden Sparkles Pervade all Gaia Beings at all Levels
by √ČirePort 

Golden sparkles pervade all Gaia beings at all levels as full Higher Energetic activation has completed. This in readiness for completion of selected local protocols, individual, collective, and Higher Dimensional. 

Simultaneous freeing of all Hue-Being restrictions completes initial ascension phase. 

"Standard" protocols have been overridden and transcended. 

Exponential increase in Higher Dimensional visibles now proceeds.

√ČirePort | August 18, 2013 at 17:24

Quick Project XIII Update!

I spoke with Caleb this morning and he gave me this picture of the Windows Desktop Project XIII app. He expects this will be ready for release in 2-3 weeks.  It works now but the layout of it has to be adapted to the PC format and screen shape and way of doing things.  Apparently its  a fairly simple translation from the Windows Phone version.

Screen shot of the alpha version of Project XIII for the Windows Desktop - still in development

Caleb thinks the iPhone version of Project XIII will be released to the Apple Store on August 24th.  This is tentative and could change based on testing.  Software is a challenging thing to produce even in the best cases. He said it looks very good and will be ready in time for the iPhone 6 release this fall.  Current support plans are for the current version of the software to always support the current iPhone generation and the one before it.  He said it will still run on iphone 4 but it won't be as fast.

Caleb said there's been 167 downloads of the Windows App, which he doesn't consider bad because most people don't even know anyone who has a Windows Phone, and its let him observe it in operation on a limited scale.  He expects the Windows Desktop version and iPhone version to drive up downloads exponentially when they are released since those are the two most used platforms right now.   

Mac desktop will come later, and eventually Linux version based on the Open Source version of Silverlight called Moonlight (which is currently not in active development).  Caleb said if the software takes off like he thinks it will he will take on the costs of reopening the development of Moonlight to bring it up to snuff with the current version of Silverlight and its capabilities. It basically depends on how he sees it developing.   Caleb would like to see a version of Project XIII that runs linux on a USB stick that could be booted up on any PC and not store data locally on the PC...but that's a way off yet. Future stuff on the "wouldn't that be cool list..."

Caleb thinks now that this may not be so much a replacement for Facebook as it is a completely new market of customers.  He thinks a lot of the early adopters were never on Facebook.  How that demographic holds up will be something he watches closely.

Future enhancements will be  a Voice Over IP (VOIP) capability that is analogous to how BitTorrents currently work. The Project XIII server will make a call basically in the same way BitTorrent Magnet URI's work, it will simply tell the other phone where it can find the the other party in the conversation but stay removed from being in the middle of the conversation.  I know that's a lot of geek-speak but you can follow the URLs above if you want to know more about those...  The computer guys will understand this paragraph.

Aug 17th Update: Butterflys and Butt kicking
- it's your move dudes

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Aug 17th Update: Butterflys and Butt kicking- it's your move dudes

Posted by D. at Removing the Shackles 

This has been an INCREDIBLE week and yesterday was incredibly intense!  Anyone with even the sensitivity of a tomato felt the shifting of the energy.  Chat rooms, Skype rooms, websites, articles, radio shows..... are exploding with the vibration of change.  Not just "Change" but a true metamorphosis, like the caterpillar into a butterfly. With the energetic awakening that has been slamming so many people in the past month, the physical world of finance & banking and "government" and all aspects of the control grid have been collapsing like dethroned prom queens into weeping and wailing soggy heaps, ...  chest beating histrionics with a side of lamenting whimpers of despair are the order of the day it would seem.

I can't really blame them.  It's all gone to hell in a hand basket really fast and nothing they've tried has worked.

Normally I'm not a sadistic bitch (ok that's not true, but I do try to keep it under control), but today I really feel the urge to pick at the open wound.  Not to cause them - the blubbering messes that were the PTW and their brokers - pain, but to insure that they see the ridiculousness of their current tantrums and make sure that they KNOW that WE KNOW what the fuck they are doing.  .... or at least, what they were trying to do.

As usual, this is my take on what's been happening.  This is my understanding and opinion based on the intel, the information, and the energetic screaming that has been going on recently.  I'm going to try to keep this pretty short and to the point. I hope.

Oh, and I'm going to talk about things that are going to make people uncomfortable and shake their head in disbelief and that's totally fine with me.  I'm putting out what I know- you can decide whether it resonates or not. And really, this is about letting "them" know that we know what they are up to, so you don't need to believe it if you don't want to.

First off, the RV.  It didn't happen.

Big surprise.

*hint* the RV has nothing to do with Ramadan or parliament being in or out, or national holidays, or how many goats are sitting on the hill waiting to be disemboweled......

They tried at least twice in the past two weeks to push it through and they discovered that unless they are willing to stand there, in complete liability and absolute responsibility for the fraud they are trying to perpetuate, then they are going to get fried.   The energetic "accounting & bookkeeping" is instantaneous now, as the three guys discovered when they tried to put the "RV" live in Iraq couple of weeks ago.  They are now bye bye. That's not to say that they weren't given a choice, but unless they were willing to work for the highest good of ALL, then THEY were held responsible. The fourth guy had a change of heart- the rest of you guys might want to listen to him.

The Global Revaluation of Currencies is nothing more than fraud.  "They" know this but thought that they could manipulate it and warp it to happen any way.  "They" found out that they can't.  Now that the truth of what VALUE is and where it comes from is out in the open, any motion to try to negate, hide, deceive or change it, IS clear and indisputable FRAUD. Not allowed.  As they have discovered, much to their chagrin.

I've said this before:  The "New" financial system is based upon lies and fraud. There is nothing "transparent" about it.  Not only that, but this so called "new" system of finance isn't even new.  As I said at the close of my last article on this subject:

    "This is not a "New Financial System".  It is a copy of one that is already in existence... we just haven't seen it HERE before."

The Ultimate Addiction

You are human.  Gloriously, exuberantly, perfectly human.  There is no better version of you.  Let go of your “higher” self.  You are multi-faceted.  You have lots of parts. There is one version of you, the one with an expanded view, who has decided to watch you now, joining this life you are living.  Your life.  The messy one.  The one with you in it.

What is going to emerge at the other end of all of this is another version of us.  Call it what you want, time is an illusion and Oneness is truth.  This means that we didn’t “start” anywhere and there are no “higher” parts of ourselves holding wisdom we don’t yet have.  It’s all you, all the time.

What we need are new words.  Words to unleash the creativity of a world full of multi-billionaire light beings.  What does a world with no restraints feel like?  Can you imagine life without financial, spiritual, mental or physical limitation?  Can you even visualize ten billion dollars?  It is a one, followed by ten zeros.  Those zeros, that seem to have all the power, are just a whole lotta nothing.  It is the One in front of them that makes it all happen.  That One would be you, the force of creation, here now to craft a world without limits.

The whole point seems to have been to drive ourselves to the edge of insanity, waiting, wondering and miserable; only to realize no one is coming.  It is done.
There are no ascended masters, galactic saviors or “higher” versions of ourselves on the way to save us.  This is our planet and we love her.  We are the Masters, the ones here to shift with her.

This was the trip you came for.  You have everything you need. No extra attachments are required to utilize the power here.  The power source is you – you’ve just forgotten how to turn yourself on.  You’ve done this before.  Today you are here to do it as a human.  You chose and were chosen to do this.  You are not alone.

We knew before we came that we’d have to get to this breaking point before we realized the truth:
The only answer is us.
The only place to be is here.
The only time is now.
The only ones to do it knew that they could, and that when the moment arrived, they would.

It is upon us now to find the new.  We need words and tools that never were. That 90% of unused stuff in your brain is getting itchy.  Your ability to create is legion.  It’s why you were chosen.  Take the crayons out of the box.  Work some magic. 

Start happening.  Imagine eternal vitality, relentless abundance, pervasive peace and wild joy, right alongside no traffic, great parking spots, good hair days and free concerts.  Hold happy.  Breathe music.  Whisper trees.  The vision you are holding is the life you are molding.

 We are addicted to ourselves and there is not a 12 step program.  We wouldn’t join one if there were.  Humanity is the hottest game in town.  Everyone is watching and wants to join in.  We are passionately unhappy, dramatically ecstatic and violently loving.  We create things just to tear them down from boredom.  We run too fast, hide in corners, sing off key and gossip.  The human condition is us, and we love every inch and nuance.  We excite ourselves.

There is no better version to become. We are here to harness our innate essence.  While every single channel we listen to tells us how cool we are, we continue to believe we’re supposed to be something else.  These voices are reminders, nothing more or less, and we put them there.  This entire life is our creation.

We were never supposed to change.  The answer is not outside of ourselves.  We planned to fall desperately in love – with us.  We’ve hidden our magnificence in gold, in others and in promises of more.  We’ve blamed our failure on lack, on others and on outside limitation.

There’s no place else to go with this.  We’ve reached part 2 – self-emergence.  Your emotions are the trigger and the best part of you; they fuel the human experience and create worlds. Enjoy them and watch what happens.

You love to emote, to feel and to push beyond.  The angst of your heart is the subject of every song, each story and all of your favorite movies.  To dream is your birthright.  You’ve grown up inside institutions and ideas that said looking out the window was wrong, wasteful even.  This attempt to systematically erase your core truth has failed. You are bigger than any method of thought.

Embrace your humanity.  Your emotions are key to your power.  You only need desire and it is done.  Love who you are, see what you want and don’t stop until amazing happens.  Contrast fuels creation. 

We do that for each other.  We supply contrast. We give each other sparks. We are the Masters and the answer to every prayer.  We know what to do.  The reason we haven’t seen it yet or heard it yet is because we haven’t done it yet.  We’ve been waiting. 

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


Kitchen Aquaculture

A Message from the Pleiades

Artifact showing the Pleiades

I found this tonight on YouTube, its not new, but I like the approach...

The Angel in the Dream...

Thanks to Kim for sharing this...

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