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Sixth-Grader Peyton Robertson Wins $25,000 for His Innovative Sandbag Design

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Spiritual author Marianne Williamson,
running for Rep. Henry Waxman’s Congressional seat,
to appear in Redondo Beach

Author Marianne Williamson runs for Congress

Spiritual author Marianne Williamson, running for Rep. Henry Waxman’s Congressional seat, to appear in Redondo Beach

Noted spiritual author Marianne Williamson is running for the 33rd Congressional District seat held by Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman. 

By City News Service
POSTED: 10/24/13, 9:41 AM PDT |
REDONDO BEACH — Spiritual author and lecturer Marianne Williamson will discuss her campaign for the 33rd Congressional District seat held by Rep. Henry Waxman during an appearance tonight at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in Redondo Beach.

Williamson is scheduled to be at the bookstore at 2810 Artesia Blvd. from 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Williamson declared her candidacy Sunday, telling supporters at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, “it’s time for a politics of conscience, a new chapter in our history in which love is not minimized, the voices of women and children are not marginalized and the future of the United States is not bartered for a pot of unrighteous gold.”

Williamson said her main issue is the undue influence of moneyed interests on the political system.

“We have developed over the last few decades a system of legalized corruption in the United States in which those with money are accorded much more political influence than those who are without,” Williamson said. “And that is not democracy.”

The ZAP Report October 21, 2013

Comments in red are mine. -Bill

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Are you experiencing events that you have had come around before, only this time they feel more intense and in your face? One thing after another. Sometimes there is rest in between; sometimes not.

What is going on? What is happening in the outer world is happening within us. Jim Self at is teaching about the importance and benefits of being in a neutral space as events, on all levels, are unfolding. Doing things the way we always have is often not working now. Because we have grown and changed and no longer wish to be where we were. Reinventing the wheel isn't an option. We are being urged and guided to open up our hearts and minds and to draw to us solutions. It doesn't have to be hard anymore.

Ben Fulford: Like a junkie selling family heirlooms the US corporate government buys time

Like a junkie selling family heirlooms the US corporate government buys time
Benjamin Fulford

October 22, 2013

The US corporate government and the mafia families that own it managed to stave off default on October 17th by acting like a junkie selling family heirlooms to a pawnshop in order to buy a few more days’ worth of drugs. In one example, they sold a whole bunch of state of the art helicopters, including Blackhawks and Apaches to China for an undisclosed sum, according to Pentagon sources. Partial confirmation of this can be found here:

These same fascist families also sold a bunch of cruise missiles and cluster bombs to the totalitarian gulf monarchies.

The Rothschild branch of these families, for its part, worked out a deal where the Chinese would build French nuclear reactors of dubious safety and reliability in the UK, according to MI5 sources and news reports. The Chinese will also be paid double the going rate for energy produced by these reactors, according to MI5. That is a good sign the cabal got money from China now in exchange for a promise to pay them back by squeezing British energy users later.

Half of nation's foreclosed homes still occupied

Its quite amazing this nonsense still goes on almost 5 years after 2008, banks who had no real money at risk of their own, insured against mortgage failures and collected it (and in many cases insured with 4 or 5 different insurance companies - which is insurance fraud - remember AIG insured debt against loss), then are able to foreclose on homes for which they own absolutely no title...violating all the laws that define what a mortgage is and how they operate... -Bill

Half of nation's foreclosed homes still occupied
By Les Christie | – 14 hours ago

Foreclosure sounds like the end of the line, but actual eviction can take months or years -- even after the bank has repossessed a home.

RealtyTrac estimates that 47% of the nation's foreclosed homes are currently occupied. The percentage actually tops 60% in some hot housing markets, like Miami and Los Angeles.
Those still living in repossessed homes include both former owners and renters. Either way, their time in the homes is mortgage and rent free.

To arrive at its estimate, RealtyTrac compared its database of foreclosed homes with postal records showing whether mail was still being collected and whether change-of-address forms had been filed.

Even when occupants leave voluntarily, old owners typically take about two months to vacate.
With renters, it can take a year or more. "If someone has a bona fide rental agreement, we have to abide by that," said Amy Bonitatibus, a spokeswoman for JP Morgan Chase.

One issue, according to Wells Fargo spokesman Tom Goyda, is that the eviction process can take months as it winds through the legal process. The timing varies widely based on local laws and the backlog of cases in individual courts.

Goyda said the bank has been trying to speed up the process by offering cash to prompt occupants to leave.

In addition, some states, like Alabama and Utah, have so-called redemption periods of up to a year during which former owners can get their home back if they can find the means to pay off their mortgages.

And banks may be in no rush to kick people out. They will take their time in markets with a lot of homes for sale and depressed prices. Plus, letting homeowners stick around can help protect homes from abuse.

"Although one thinks lenders take losses by not moving evictions forward, they're still faring better by keeping the properties occupied," said Pauliana Lara of the Consumer Action Law Group in Los Angeles, which works with homeowners to fight foreclosures. "Many foreclosed homes get vandalized or squatters move in."

Illusory Failure

This year, my son’s art teacher started every student out with an F.  This grade remains unchanged until all their assignments are turned in.  This is supposed to be motivating.  Each student spends the majority of the school year with a failing grade, which sets off a string of emails and phone calls to anxious parents, reminding everyone involved, on an almost daily basis, of the child’s impending “failure”.  Rather than working to create an inspired piece of art, the kids are instead merely working to avoid flunking.

You were never shown how to do this simply.  Like this teacher, you were taught to look for reward, satisfaction, answers and validation outside of yourself.  You were told there is one right answer, and that there was someone else who held it.  There is also one true love, one happily ever after, one right way, one correct color to wear at a specific ceremony. You were taught to obey.  You expect to be loved in a specific way.  You look for truth in every illusory part of your world.

You didn’t have a chance.  Like the students in this art class – you were marked from the get go with expectation of failure.  Those who manage to escape the label and “succeed” are left sort of hollow afterwards; the success illusory.

Against all odds, you must believe your heart.  Your essence is the only thing you’ll take with you when you exit.  Your life review?  It has nothing to do with imagined ideas of success or its absence.  It is told from the deepest part of your being.

This is the part of you that looks past everything you see with your eyes.  This is the part of you that feels without seeing.  It is the part of you that knows.

The yearning within for someone or something is not going to be satisfied in the places you’ve been told to look.  It exists in the fabric of your being.  The very youngest of us know where it is.  It is fully intact in them.  We are drawn to their energy because we recognize agape.

The construct of this world is shifting.  We read of space ships, collapsing economies and corrupt institutions.  We are all searching, grasping for solid ground.  We are learning that there is in fact no such thing as solid.

This is good news.  With us all on an even playing field they’ll be fewer injuries.  Flexibility, trust and compassion are necessary, as well as a wide open heart.

We’ll navigate more easily as our freedom is felt.  Others will be drawn to us as our heart broadcasts this inner direction.  The answers we seek and the satisfaction we yearn for will be joyfully, sometimes tearfully discovered.  Just hang in there.

Each connection will renew the truth of our unity.  There is no you or me.  There is only us.  This song reminds me of our dance…. we live, we leave, we return, play our part, end up together one more time and ultimately challenge each other, asking the question: “Will you love me again?” 

We’ve come to end the judgment, labels and blame.  We’ve come to experience agape.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Updated: Jon Stewart: Nightmare on Wall Street

This is wonderful! 

Also see the 2nd video for the punchline in this funny hypocritical saga...

Gold found growing in eucalyptus trees in world-first CSIRO research

Gold found growing in eucalyptus trees in world-first CSIRO research
AM By Kesha West
Updated Wed 23 Oct 2013, 1:56pm AEDT

Geoscientists have discovered gold particles in
 the leaves, twigs and bark of eucalyptus trees.

See here for video:

Gold found growing in eucalyptus trees in world-first CSIRO research

Geoscientists in Perth have discovered gold particles in the leaves, twigs and bark of eucalyptus trees, claiming a "eureka" moment which could revolutionise gold mining.

CSIRO researchers believe the trees, sitting on top of gold deposits buried deep underground, suck up the gold in their search for moisture during times of drought.

"We weren't expecting this at all," Dr Melvyn Lintern, a research geochemist at the CSIRO and the study's lead author, said.

"To actually see the gold particles in the leaves was quite a eureka moment for us."

Dr Lintern said the trees appear to be telling scientists what is happening under the earth's surface.

"The particular trees that we did the research on appear to be bringing up gold from a remarkable 30 metres depth, which is about the equivalent of a 10-storey building," he said.

The research group used the CSIRO's Maia detector for x-ray elemental imaging at the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne to analyse extremely small particles at high resolution.

The portions of gold are about one-fifth the diameter of a human hair. Dr Lintern said even 500 trees growing over a gold deposit would only yield enough gold for a wedding ring.

The researchers said they have also found gold in the leaves of other trees, such as the Acacia mulga.

"We've actually found gold not only in trees but in shrubs that are growing beneath the trees as well, so (it is) not restricted to any particular trees at all," Dr Lintern said.

Discovery could make exploration cheap, quicker

The discovery, the first of its kind in the world and the first time gold particles have been found in living material, will undoubtedly generate huge interest from within the gold mining and exploration industry.

Former Newmont Mining Geochemist, Nigel Radford, says the implications for gold exploration are huge.

"A lot of this stuff has been speculated about for some time, but the identification of the gold particles in the leaf materials is completely convincing and very, very important for the future of mineral exploration," said Mr Radford, who has worked in mineral exploration his entire working life, most recently with US-based Newmont, one of the world's biggest gold mining companies.

Mr Radford believes it has the potential to make gold exploration much quicker and cheaper.

"Ideally, any mineral exploration team would like to collect their samples on-surface," he said.

"If you can sample on-surface, it saves all the cost and all the time involved in drilling holes."

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