Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Wayshowers Shoes

There is not much sense in living out the days ahead as if all that matters is the physical existence you know now.  All of this can and will change as the evolution of the species takes place.  These changes to the physical you are a process that takes place gradually and all at once.  You are not the same human of a year ago and won’t be in a year’s time. 
What changes have occurred, have allowed a greater un-folding of the multi-faceted you that is truth.  This version, the true version of the human, has within a vast collection of memories and abilities.  As these begin to surface, life as you know it will dramatically change.
Today there are things you consider miracles and people you regard as saints, prophets and mystics.  They stand out as anomalies because they have access to the latent abilities we all possess.  They are “turned on”.
This activation is what is happening now, very soon in a dramatic moment that has been foretold, an “event”.  All of the 2012 lore was intentionally planted in the global consciousness as an energy harvester.  It worked and many now have either forgotten completely or given up or see things moderately different but not radically switched.  Most carry on with their lives as a form of forced participation without understanding or true fulfillment. Once an “event” happens, it will be as if all of this was a bad dream.
The youngest among you will not remember this time or energy, the energy of control, limitation and inhibition. They were born activated.  So what does this mean?
It means they are aware of all of their lives, this one included.  They look at this life as an adventure and see it brimming with possibility and promise.  As they watch the defeated faces of their elders they do not understand.  They are not seeing “beaten down” as one of the choices for life’s expression.  They are psychically connected to you, whether or not you connect that way intentionally.  It may be that they ignore it because everyone else seems to and they are in the process of learning to adapt and live here.
The promise for a new world can be seen in their eyes.  Soon, it will be evident in the eyes of each other.  This, after global activation occurs.  The timing of this very much depends on the collective.  Are you inviting it now with anticipation and expectation?  This too is part of creation – yours.  Although the fact of your evolution is inevitable, the speed is self-determined.  This was a choice made by all of humanity.
The thing about the human is that you can and do demonstrate your own way of doing just about everything. Part of the desire to control and own earth is found there.  You are brilliantly diverse and unique.  It took a master plan and genetic alteration to change that.  Even then, the anomalies were always present and the stories in your history tell of great beings and miracles among you.  All of this can be considered evidence for the possibility of you.  Inside, you hold all that you’ve been told of and more.
In order for an “event” to occur, there has to be a willingness, openness and expectation from part of the population.  You will be the wayshowers, explaining to the rest of the populace what has taken place.  They will feel it and understand on a very deep level that all has been altered, yet without background or history the potential of what is now their lives may be a gradual realization.
Understand that because you are aware of what is happening does not mean you are more gifted or advanced.  It simply means that this was the role you chose for the shift.  Some of us had to be wayshowers.  Some of us have to demonstrate the truth of the human.  If you are reading this now, this may be you.
It is okay that you don’t yet see with wide open eyes or demonstrate magic.  You will do all of these things, knowing that by demonstrating who we actually are, you are accelerating the shift for all of mankind.  You are in exactly the right place now and will be when the activation “event” takes place.
There is nothing to prepare or to know, this is a memory re-surfacing that is familiar and natural for you.  It will be like stepping into an old pair of favorite shoes.  You’ll walk quicker and in greater comfort and will feel like you are home.  You are. 
You are the Ones you’ve been waiting for.
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