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Cannabis-munching sheep left high as a kite after eating through £4,000 worth of drugs

Grass: The sheep unwittingly tucked into thousands of pounds worth of the drug
Cannabis-munching sheep left high as a kite after eating through £4,000 worth of drugs
Oct 17, 2014 20:18 By Alex Wellman

Stunned farm manager discovered her flock had come across bags of dumped cannabis and had started eating the drug leaving them stumbling around the field

A flock of sheep were left feeling a little woolly-headed after getting high feasting on the wrong sort of grass.

The animals began stumbling around after eating through thousands of pounds of cannabis dumped in their field.

Police revealed that seven bags of the intoxicating plant, worth around £4,000, were eaten by the sheep who had tucked into their illegal meal completely unaware.

Each of the plants was around three foot tall and the remnants of the stash was discovered at the edge of Fanny's Farm in Merstham, Surrey.

Farm manager Nellie Budd said she had no idea who had dumped the class B drugs in the field.

She said: "At first I thought it was someone's hedgerow rubbish. I went down to collect the bags so the sheep weren't eating black plastic.

"When I got there I realised it was a form of herbal cannabis plant. They were very strong in scent."

Google Street ViewFanny's Farm in Markedge LaneDumped:
The drugs were dumped at Fanny's Farm in Surrey  

"I have no idea how they got there. It's right next to a road and the footpath is quite open."

Officers soon turned up and took away the remainder of the drugs, after telling the stunned farm manager that her sheep had grazed on £4,000 of the drug.

Miss Budd said: "They haven't had any other side effects but I'll tell you about the meat next week."

Investigating officer Det Cons David Fair, Surrey Police, said "It is extremely irresponsible for whoever dumped these illegal plants in this way.

"We are doing all we can to find out how the drugs came to be at the location and who is responsible for growing and discarding the plants."

But police face a problem because the sheep munched their way through quite a lot of the evidence.

When Stress Tests Fail - Italian Banks Are Collapsing

When Stress Tests Fail - Italian Banks Are Collapsing

Tyler Durden's picture

Despite the ban on short-sales - which has never worked in the past to do anything but instil fear in traders' holding long positions - Italian banks are in free-fall following the utter failure of Draghi's stress tests to encourage confidence in the European banking system.
Given the post-"whatever-it-takes" world of domestic sovereign bond-buying, it is no surprise that Italian govvie risk is jumping higher and the FTSEMIB is plunging.

“A relief rally would not be justified,” said Michael Woischneck, a portfolio manager at Lampe Asset Management in Dusseldorf, Germany. “There are still a lot of problems to fix, and Italian banks still have a lot of work to do. Even for the banks that passed, what is there to be relieved about? They still have to find a business model and figure out how to get unanswered questions that a stress test just cannot answer.”


GIANT SUNSPOT CRACKLING WITH FLARES: AR2192 is the biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years, and it is still growing. The active region now covers 2750 millionths of the solar disk, an area equivalent to 33 planet Earths skinned and spread out flat. It is so large that sky watchers are seeing it with the naked eye when the sun is dimmed by low-hanging clouds or, in this case, dense fog:

Barry Freas took the picture on October 26th from Red Hill, Kentucky. "It was a very foggy morning," he says. "AR2192 was remarkable."

Big sunspots tend to produce strong flares, and AR2192 is no exception. It is crackling with magnetic activity. In the past three days alone it has unleashed 3 X-class flares and 8 M-flares. The most intense of these flares have caused HF radio blackouts and other communication disturbances on the dayside of Earth.

Usually, strong flares are accompanied by massive CMEs--billion-ton clouds of electrified gas that billow away from the blast site. So far, however, none of the eruptions from AR2192 has produced a major CME. Without a series of CMEs to hit Earth and rattle our planet's magnetic field, there have been no geomagnetic storms nor any widespread auroras.

More eruptions are in the offing. NOAA forecasters estimate an 85% chance of M-class flares and a 55% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.  
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