Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Today again my friends at BRAVE Mandala will explain the journey you'll take with the Chak-dala  above...

Todays Mandala is about Coherence. This quote was part of the inspiration for it:

"The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”

Eckhart Tolle 

    2. Todays CHAK-dala is about Coherence. Being whole, undivided. Bringing all our disparate and desperate thoughts into alignment with our soul. Integrity.

The world outside and the world inside move toward mirroring each-other. It is far easier to change the world inside. Fighting the outside world is like putting makeup on the mirror. 

The disparate things happening in our macro communities come from the fragmented thoughts and feelings of us, the people in those communities. 

Until we can unify all of our own thoughts and energies we are powerless to create in the world, we are at its whim. And once we unify our energies the world is at ours.

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Artist Boldly Reimagines US Currency with Modern Design

What's interesting about this project is the lack of mention of the Federal Reserve Bank...and no $1 note...  -AK


Artist Boldly Reimagines US Currency with Modern Design
Posted by Jonathan Terrasi
November 20, 2014 at 2:21pm

Blending vivid colors, sleek geometric patterns, and minimalist elegance, American designer Travis Purrington offers up a bold new vision for US currency. As part of his design school Master's thesis, he set out to conceptualize a set of bills that shift the focus from enshrining long-deceased American leaders to highlighting America's modern scientific, economic, and environmental achievements. Purrington's concepts feature such landmarks in the country's history as Chicago's Willis Tower on the ten-dollar bill, and its pioneering role in space exploration on the fifty-dollar note.

The Basel, Switzerland-based designer accomplishes this emphasis on modern America with an equally modern and adept combination of minimalist aesthetics and vibrant pallete, while still retaining some iconic features of currently circulated bills. Alongside the greater richness and prominence of the featured images influenced by the Swiss Franc, the concepts preserve the Federal Government and Treasure Department seals, the Latin motto, and security features. Though these imaginative pieces certainly capture the eye, Purrington intended them merely as a launchpad for reconsidering the current designs, not as proposed replacements in themselves.

GAIA PORTAL: Higher realm collaborations accelerate as Cosmic Energies impel all to Higher Consciousness

Higher realm collaborations accelerate as Cosmic Energies impel all to Higher Consciousness

by √ČirePort

Higher realm collaborations accelerate as Cosmic Energies impel all to Higher Consciousness.

Awareness levels of all Gaia inhabitants continue to increase.

Formidations cannot block Higher Awareness.

Impending breakthroughs manifest quickly as Gaia ascends.

118 Gateways open Hue- and hu-manity to the Higher Consciousness event.

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