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It is 2015 and we are at complete choice now.  No longer are we weighed down by habits of density and separation; we are entering a new paradigm.  We can do so unencumbered by pain, loss, frustration and isolation.  This is accomplished with awareness, recognition and determination.  Our Quest begins today with recognition.

As with any search, you’ll have to dig through some stuff you would rather avoid.  It may be old, unattractive, and uncomfortable, yet familiar.  It most certainly does not bring joy.  These are things you’ve accepted as part of life, of your life.  They have morphed into parts of your self-definition.

They are not “good” parts as in “I’m a good piano player” or “I love animals”.  No, these parts are more uncomfortable; yet just as familiar. “No one ever understands me.”  “(Men) or (Women) always leave me and are not trustworthy.”  “All relationships end in disappointment.”  There are many versions.  None of them are life enhancing.  Each of them is a road block to Agape.

It’s not necessary to dig out why they exist.  They do.  It is time to look at them honestly and without rigidity.  We are entering a new era and things are about to change.  They don’t have to be a part of your make-up any longer.  You can choose again.  You can let them go.  The energy is ripe for renewal.

Letting them go starts with finding them and seeing them without judgment.  Not good or bad, but parts of you no longer interesting.  They’ve served their purpose.  At this point, you “get” what it feels like to be disappointed, angry, anxious, fearful or self-absorbed.  Been there.  Done that.  Next.

What’s next is acceptance.  A multi-dimensional eternal being has been and is every possibility.  Life is continuous, current and happening now.  Oneness includes not only every type of life form but each personality.  Before we can unconditionally accept people from other countries, belief systems or planets, we must absorb every facet of who we are.

Rejection, denial, hatred and disappointment of any part of you or anyone else are conditional actions.  We are One. Loving without judgment means that all of you is okay, worthy of honor and deserving of love.

When you discover, uncover and actually face the parts of you causing pain – do not hate them.  Love them gently and hold them in your light.  Say “I’m sorry for hating you so; you should have gotten a better deal.”  Then say “I understand who you are, yet I am doing this now.  Come with me.”  Then watch as the parts you thought were just un-changeable parts of you, morph into something else.  This is you, consciously chosen.  This is you, loved in fullness.

You are here to do this.  You have come now and are reading these words to “get” love without condition.  Your ability to do this is not in question, nor is your desire.  It will not feel easy or simple, but you did not come for that.  You came for Agape.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,


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Benjamin Fulford - January 19, 2015: Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance

I'm posting  a portion of the Fulford newsletter this week that is relevant to this moment. Since the Chinese have always funded the finance systems through proxies like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, et al... to say that the BIS has sided with the Chinese is like saying Chevrolet is now with GM.  Probably better thought of as corporate downsizing, with division heads that have national armies, Vatican Jeusuits, and a zillion other occluded organizations and nukes at their disposal, which makes the downsizing a bit trickier. But yes... there's major moves afoot in the world. -AK

Benjamin Fulford - January 19, 2015: Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance

The radical plunge in the Euro last week against the Yen, the US dollar and especially the Swiss Franc is a clear indication the battle over control of the financial system, and the world, is coming to a climax. The Swiss move to decouple their Franc from the Euro came one week before an elite summit meeting in Davos, Switzerland is due to kick off with a keynote speech by China’s number 2 Li Keqiang. This is the first time the Chinese government has sent any one significant to Davos in 5 years. The speech will focus on China’s take on the international situation and will offer possible solutions to various international problems. This Davos meeting is being called “A New Global Context” a name clearly meant to disassociate it with the fascist New World Order. In closed room sessions, Chinese government sources say Li will be discussing Chinese/Swiss financial integration. What this clearly indicates is that the Swiss banking world, including the central bank for central banks the BIS, have joined the BRICS/UK/Pentagon alliance.

This was the biggest move in a week marked by many seemingly unrelated dramatic events. Perhaps the best way to understand all the other chaotic and often bizarre incidents that took place last week is to think of it in terms of a gang war. Then we can begin to connect some, but not all, of the dots.

First, remember late last year Christine Lagarde, the French head of the IMF, issued an ultimatum to the people in Washington DC to either agree to IMF voting reform or the they would go ahead in January without them. Then in January French President Francois Hollande called for an end to US orchestrated sanctions against Russia.

Immediately after that came the fake attack against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. This was followed by a massive PR campaign and a gathering of European leaders and the heads of a few of their client states as can be seen here:

Notice that no Americans, Russians, Chinese, Indian etc. leaders showed up for this PR event. What we have instead is a gathering of Rothschild servants.

These are the people trying to cling to control of the world’s financial system by proposing using IMF issued SDRs, backed by the world’s resources, as a replacement for the US dollar aka world yuan. This faction is calling for voting reform within the IMF but, only limited reform of a sort that will still leave them firmly in charge.

In any case, after this big fake show and provocation of religious conflict, a French police chief was suicided.

Following that, suddenly the Russians cut off all gas to Europe through the Ukraine and told the Europeans they would have to get their gas via Turkey and Greece.

The Russians also told the Greeks that if they left the Euro, Russia would buy huge amounts of agricultural goods from them. These two Russian moves came just before a Greek general election is expected to vote in a political party that wants to end that nation’s debt slavery to the Euro mafia.

Full artile here:

Hilarion - January 18-25, 2015

January 18-25, 2015

 Beloved Ones,

You have all struggled to maintain equilibrium as the new energies brought out thoughts, feelings and emotions that you had no idea you harboured within and you are now ready for a greater refinement of your four lower bodies. It will become much easier to navigate in the days ahead as most of you have almost completed the cleansing, clearing and purging of all that is not love from your deepest and innermost self. Now the way before you becomes filled with a greater spectrum of light that presents a greater perspective than you previously embraced. A greater understanding of self is at hand which in turn enables a greater understanding of your sisters and brothers with whom you share space in this world. Life takes on a new momentum filled with unlimited possibilities. Your greater clarity and focus now brings your thoughts and creative ideas into quicker manifestation than ever before.

That which used to take years to bring what you desired to you into your experience now comes about in an effortless and harmonious manner. All the good you have desired to experience in your individual lives is being created and brought to you by the universe and the Creator. You now begin to understand what life lived in harmony with the universe and the Creator was meant to be, an ever flowing river of joy, delight, light, color and creativity. The gifts that you developed and practiced throughout your sojourns in physical form now begin to come to the surface. You have the great opportunity to allow these to come into expression through you now. Talents that you had only wished you had begin to arise within you and to surprise you with their emergence in your daily expressions. Each of you have unique and marvellous talents and skills that have lain hidden beneath the surface of perceived personal limitations and these are now dissolving into oblivion.

There will be surprises and unexpected events that occur that will bring each of you pivotal flashes of insight that causes everything to change in a moment. All that occurs brings a total paradigm shift and you must endeavour to not resist what comes forth. Stay open and willing to contemplate and embrace the new directions that can propel you to new heights. Success will come to you from the fruits of your heartfelt intentions and your greatest good begins to manifest for you. Remember to give back to the world in gratitude and humility as you receive your good. Things will come together as if by magic to create the reality you have been seeking. Stay enthusiastic about the new possibilities and potentials and be optimistic in your belief in others so they too, will prosper, grow and expand. Everyone around you will see the positive and beautiful aspects of your true being and will mirror these back to you.

Allow yourselves to reach out into unexplored areas of self expression and look at your projects with a new and more creative approach. Take more risks and open up to new and different ideas. Release any remaining old fears and limitations you may still be holding and open more fully to creative inspiration. To broaden your perspective, choose to be peaceful, quiet your mind and allow the universe to bring to you more options that you may not have been aware of. Let the universe support you and allow its influence to bring to you possible solutions to help direct your outcomes. Be openly receptive, patient and flexible and stay willing to receive in surprising and imaginative ways. Keep moving forward and keep an open eye for new and unexpected opportunities. You could be delightfully surprised where they lead you.

Know that all is well and that only love surrounds you. Embody a new way of looking at life and the world around you. You are a radiant, luminous beacon of light to all around you and you empower others with your love, wisdom and presence. It is time for you to shine even brighter and show the world your true essence.

Until next week …

I AM Hilarion

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Much is going on in the financial world.  And much groaning about the required protocols... as being mere "influence".   See:   I will release details when I get them and get the okay to publish.   They know what to do and who to contact.   All the pushing on the door does no good if they don't put in the key.   People who live behind vault doors should know that better than anyone.

Ran out of Internet sticks, Maroc Telecom's new tariff structure makes them last 5 days at best. Effectively charging the same price for 1/6 the monthly bandwidth.  Will post from the cafe hotspot if I have too, just want won't be as pretty a blog.   Paypal assistance would be helpful at this time.  So much is happening.  Running thru my phone hotspot now.

Love you all so much, the waiting is nearly over.  Much joy and surprises ahead! :)

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