Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #14

This just came in as I was thinking about the nature of my son's "summer" cold.  This virus is quick and mean and the mucus is so thick and sticky it is hard to breathe and swallow.

I cleared my space and declared that only messages of absolute unconditional and pure love and absolute truth are welcome.

11 July 2015

You have a question about viruses? A virus is simply an aberration sent into your system.  It may contain codes to alter your genetic make-up; it may be “man” made or nature made.  All things come from Source.  This virus that you perceive is not the problem.  It is the symptoms.  You were worried about your son, were you not?  That worry is unfounded. All is well.  

Think of the symptoms as a necessary shut down of the body but not a complete shut down... shall we say slow down to sound more to your liking?

In this slow down, the body generates many cells of creation.  These cells are necessary for the quick growth your son is undertaking.  He is large for his age is he not? 

He is.

Growing pains?


His body, being closer to the entry point of earth plane than you are by many decades, requires a faster growth now in this time and space.  You will notice the growth and change of children more readily now.  For some, “time” is speeding up and by that we don’t mean “time” but what is formerly known as time and there is no other reference for it.

Your body is changing as well.  You notice shooting pains that feel like shocks.  You notice more readily the energies of your higher chakras, you feel the incoming waves as they radiate through your biological system.  These too are speeding up.  Be ready for more.  Your sun is not slowing down – we have only just begun.   :)

With Joy and pleasure of communicating with you we end this transmission.
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