Thursday, July 23, 2015

The "Wow" Signal

Today I’d like to share a journal entry from this morning… What was on my mind is that it is beginning to feel like a circus of characters, when in fact we are One. This is an attempt to sort through some of the noise.

This time of conflicting messages is brought on by both confusion in acceptance, translation and point. Many are accelerating and by that is meant increasing, broadening, and expanding their range of potential awareness.

It has been said by many that there is nothing that is not already known, nothing given that is not already there. This is always true.

The name “the Awakening” suits this time now for humanity. It is not so much a physical awakening but a spiritual and emotional resurgence of awareness; a remembering, an uncovering of truth.

The reason these conversations feel so “easy” for “you” is because “you” already have access to all of the information being discussed. These conversations are just you looking places you haven’t yet checked out and hearing things you’ve ignored or rather, drowned out with ego.

The voice of your addictions is your ego and it is loud, very loud. You’ve been given this definition before.

Would you identify yourself?

I AM. This is true of “you” also. The signature of energy being utilized to have this conversation with you right now is one you will know of as your own essence. What has lately been called “eternal essence”, the “greater self”; a reflection without physical reference.

We often connect and as “time” marches along in your current focus, we integrate. What this means in plain terms is that we speak more as One voice than separate. This dialogue is not so much an interview as it is a diary entry. You are talking to yourself.

As you become comfortable with your truth, with truth and with your awareness of it, this conversation goes more places.

There are reasons for the conversation that involve an ability to share in your re-discovery of truth. The “time” has come for those interested still in full awakening – to trust. It is themselves that has been under scrutiny with every doubt and question.

Two descriptions have been used (to explain) uncomfortable “feelings” around information that is heard or experienced/felt. One is that any negative feeling is your own heart/source telling you that your current imaging/thinking right then (about whatever you are thinking about) is not in convert with truth, with unconditional love of self. This definition comes from Abraham/Hicks.

The second comes from HATJ (Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf). It is that this particular piece of data being thought about (at the specific moment you are having the “negative” feeling) is recalling something you already know that has been recorded (all things are recorded in the Akash), and perceived of as not pleasant, in some way painful, or that caused some level of what you felt to be suffering. 

She refers to this as a piece of data, as valuable as any other piece of data, and that now in this current moment, all of that negative emotion has been reconciled and is no longer necessary. Now it is time for the new, the wondrous, the absolute expression of our truth. This new will so wildly surpass what has existed “before” as to effectively erase it from our now. It’s not that the “past”, (which elicits negative emotion), is unimportant, it is irrelevant. Focus on this new, and watch an exponential expansion of “WOW”.

The WOW signal (click here to listen) refers to something scientists have been looking for ever since 1977 when it was heard once and noted. Perhaps that’s the problem. Looking to repeat a wonderful “WOW” is a heavy, sort of dense and limiting approach, a backwards route to expansion.

This “WOW” signal is ours alone. It hasn’t been heard because we haven’t created it yet. Our “NOW” has not fully collaborated with and caught up with our “WOW”. Just as soon as we decide that the old doesn’t apply, it will (catch up).

This New Age is at our doorstep. It’s why we came now, to open the door and start the party! I can already see us in our party clothes and we are fabulous!!! Forgiveness, Conscious Creation and Unrestricted Acceptance are the only party favors we are carrying.

I’ve included here a quick reminder from one of today’s messengers, Shia LaBeouf. The wild popularity and many re-makes of this same message stand as evidence of this truth.

“Yesterday you said tomorrow… Just do it!!!” Shia knows. It’s up to us.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,


For those of you following GE, he’s returned for a quick few days and validated what is currently being felt as rapid acceleration. Read what he has to say here.

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