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Sphere Alliance Message #26
Question from Lee Binder
and the Sphere Alliance Reply

Red comments are AK, Blue are Denise -AK

Dear American Kabuki,

Not knowing Denise and Bill's email address - would you please forward this message to her. Once you read it, you will understand where I'm coming from positively. Feel free to pass my email address on to her. Thank you so much.


Dear honored Denise,

With much regret I and many others were witnessing Corey Goode's disbelief of the authenticity of your source. I feel the need to share what I have learned, which is that, within the vast Galactic Con-Federation of Light, there is a multitude of different spheres with many different interacting yet independent "alliances":

There is the alliance Corey refers to, constituted of the Blue Avians, Blue Orbs, Golden Triangle Heads, and two not yet revealed. From what I know, these beings originated from very close to the center of this galaxy and are very ancient beings.

There are also the spheres Anais (the Sirian mothership), Athena (the Arcturian mothership), Neptune (the Pleiadian mothership), etc. pp. which each again are home to vast and highly diverse alliances of beings from many different planets, dimensions, and even time lines and realities, alternate and parallel.

The beings of your source have disclosed in one of their messages through you that they are rather of a Pleiadian vibration. Reading your message from June 20, the part that they are "part of the Sphere Alliance not yet revealed (so not blue avians, not the golden triangle heads, and not the orbs)" seems like your interpretation from relating to Corey's insight shares (and not necessarily what they actually and literally passed on to you?).

For clarification and because we are meant to stay united within the lightworker community, would you, at the next channeling, please have your source clarify how they relate to Corey Goode's classification of Sphere Being Alliance (of the Blue Avians, Blue Orbs, Golden Triangle Heads, and the two not yet revealed). 

And yes, at this point in time it would be extremely helpful to hear if indeed they consider themselves belonging to a sphere alliance different to Corey's, and have them please share more about their origin, especially in regards to the Pleiades.

With much love and looking forward to hearing from you and this Sphere Alliance group consciousness either directly from you or via AK's blog,

Lee Binder

I again cleared my space and declared that only messages of Pure Absolute Love and Truth are welcomed here.

Dear brother Lee, it is with great honor that we receive this message through our vessel of transmission at this time. We say to you we recognize your energy signature and will allow you to reveal this yourself in due time, but we say to you peace and friendship are on the HORIZON. You will undoubtedly know what we mean by that.

To answer your question, which has already been addressed in part by our brother who calls his EARTH vessel AK, for indeed he is who he says he, IS HERE with US, to be REVEALED at or just before the SHOW   NO PREVIEWS!

LEE, there are at this moment of your NOW over 1,200 Spheres in place within the SOLAR SYSTEM of EARTH.  There a also a multitude and when we say MULTITUDE we mean that ALL are arriving in the NOW for this magnificent DOing.

THE ONE known as COREY GOODETXG is known to us for both his work here and there. HE is a HARDY Essence who is working with a portion of the SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE that was revealed through his remembering and recent work.  His work is nothing if not an AWESOME result of the strength and courage of ONE HUMAN to awaken in part to HIS/HER own BEing.

We acknowledge that this beloved COREY is another CONDUIT of Transmission with a different and physical experience because of his FORTITUDE and HONOR. HE has been responsible for the waking of many, countless Earth Based Essence and We ADMIRE and LOVE him for ALL He DOes.

Now you state that "there is a SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE of 5 civilizations", AND we state to you that, YES, this is true.  WE state to you NOW that the "SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE is comprised of over 3,000 civilizations from ALL DIMENSIONS, and DIRECTIONS, in FORM and in NO FORM and within and without. Yes, we assure you, we are in the PHYSICAL

TO name ALL ALLIANCES would be foolhardy at this time, for to say with a sense of JOY, did you not play basketball with one group of boys on the playground and then play tag with another? We ask you, when you went back inside were you not ALL in the same classroom? WE say to you this ALL are ONE.  THE MULTITUDES ARRIVING on the 'playground' NOW constitute the entire school, and all of the other schools in the same city arriving on the playground.  AND THE NEXT Town over and so on and so on.  DO YOU have the picture of the MULTITUDE coming for the SHOW?

With Love and JOY We say, SEE YOU ON THE HORIZON, LEE.  We end this transmission.

The caps are all theirs! Spelling errors are mine  Denice

I believe I caught all the spelling errors and fixed them...   alliance seems to have adopted the Heather-speak vocabulary and spellings and those stay as they were relayed....  There is one unique thing about this channeling... the name "LEE HORIZON" kept coming into my mind when I read the original email... but I didn't tell Denise that... to see those two words next to each other above is quite remarkable!  -AK

Descartes had it bass-ackwards

by American Kabuki
Descartes had it bass-ackwards


The energy between spark and flame
The twist between arc and frame
The probability between zero and one
The taste between hotdog and bun



Vortex forms before pirouette
Imagination fills Source’s genome pipette
Genes twist and resonate
In ways I can never anticipate



I knew you then,
I know you now,
What is new is familiar somehow



Clues drop like dew fall from the aether
A third spiral spins DNA, tis not matter either
Spirit rises and goes where it will
ONE never tires of getting its fill



Mirrors face each other and echo each move
Taunting twists timed to each groove
Beat rises and trumpets blow
To announce that which we already KNOW



The space between the spaces
Inside the inside
and outside the outside
Nowhere and Everywhere


1/0 = 

* Rene Descartes
"The eight volumes of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY (1967) is a wonderful compilation of just about everything philosophical. The encyclopedia carries a rather extensive entry for ANIMAL SOUL. That entry is well worth reading, if only because, all things considered, it is one of the most amusing, if not outright hilarious entries in the eight volumes.  
In the context of ANIMAL SOUL, we again encounter the personage of Rene Descartes (1569-1650), the famous French philosopher and scientist. As is stated in many authoritative sources, Descartes was chief among the founders who designed the contours of modern thought and among the most original philosophers and mathematicians of any age. 
In its essay on Descartes, the Encyclopedia points up that the “concept of the animal soul did not give rise to any serious problems until the seventeenth century, when Cartesian dualism brought out distinctions which had been latent in the dominant Aristotelian tradition.” However, as a result of Descartes’ concepts, debates increasingly surrounded the animal soul or mind, and they became “sensitive indicators of a number of fundamental issues in modern philosophy and science.”  
The debates are traced back to Aristotle, had postulated gradations from inert, inanimate matter to plants, and then to animals. Plants had the functions of nourishment and reproduction, but animals were also endowed with sensation, motion, and all degrees of mental functions except reason.  
Aristotle reserved reason for man, but his gradations from inert to reason precluded a sharp discontinuity between physical and mental functions in man.  
To help resolve various resulting theoretical complexities, Descartes advanced the concept that “animals are pure machines, while men are machines with minds.” Further, if biological phenomena could be included in the domain of Descartes’ idea of a universal physics, “then a boundary would no longer lie between inanimate and animate beings.” Physics would then include all of nature except the mind of man.  
Note that it is somewhat of a wonderment to consider what an inanimate being might consist of. The Encyclopedia goes on to state that after the discovery of the circulation of the blood, Descartes “was encouraged to attempt a general mechanistic physiology in hydraulic terms.” He argued that most human motions do not depend on the mind, and he gave examples of physiological functions and reactions which occur independently of the will— functions such as digestion, reactions such as sneezing.  
Descartes went on to stipulate that in man the mind could also direct the course of the fluid (or animal spirits) which controls movements. However, to attribute minds to animals would threaten traditional religious beliefs, “since the psychological concept of mind was conflated with the theological concept of soul.”  
To help resolve THIS problem, Descartes argued that it would “be impious to imagine that animals have souls of the same order as men, and that man has nothing more to hope for in the afterlife than flies and ants have.” Similarly, “God could not allow the sinless creatures to suffer. Without souls, animals would not suffer, and man would be absolved from guilt for exploiting, killing and eating them.” One of the longer-term results of Descartes’ ideas, many of which became modernist doctrines, was that the distinction between man-mind and animal-beast became more recognizable, largely because, in a philosophical sense, the distinctions tended to inflate men’s appreciation of man, and relegated animals to a lower order.  
The encyclopedia points up that the debate of the animal soul controversy was enormous. The central issue, however, did not actually focus on the animal-machine and man-machine-with-mind hypotheses, but concerned the adequacy of mechanistic explanation to account for all biological and psychological phenomena. Prior to Descartes, the search for mechanistic explanation had incorporated the concept of Final Cause and Purpose— i.e., with regard to the origin especially of animate life forms and their purpose of their existing.  
In other words, is mechanistic explanation adequate to account not only for the mechanistic (hydraulic) workings of biological and psychological phenomena, but also for origin and purpose? Descartes coped with this difficulty in an expeditious and surgical manner: he excluded explanation-by-purpose from physics and from biology. This was very comforting to societal mainstreams, since they no longer had to worry about THEIR Final Cause and Purpose.  
Thus, purpose has remained excluded from the modern mainstream sciences ever since. Indeed, the exclusion of Purpose is convenient to the elimination of conscience. In any event, the nature of Purpose (the Why of things) was an issue of enormous antiquity, in all pre-modern cultures, and was inextricably bound together with the Life Principle.  
Eliminating Purpose from the science of physics and from biology served quite well in also eliminating the difficulties of admitting the existence of a life principle. So, these theoretical maneuvers had the long-term effect of setting science free of metaphysical contexts, and free of the mysteries of how and why matter came into existence and how it became animated. Thereafter, as the Encyclopedia indicates, “adherence to the animal-machine doctrine in physics and biology became the crucial test of loyalty not only to Cartesianism, but a test of loyalty to the formats of the modern sciences.” 

Swann, Ingo (2015-01-14). Psychic Sexuality - The Bio-Psychic "Anatomy" of Sexual Energies (Kindle Locations 863-903). Crossroad Press. Kindle Edition. 
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