Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Sphere Inner-gration
by American Kabuki

I thought I'd do an illustration using a composite of images from Google images that I reworked in photoshop. I find it sometimes helpful to use photoshop to visualize concepts. The above is the result of the merging of the spheres into the earth, which creates a 3D sort of flower of life.  The Flower of Life grows on The tree of Life, which is GAIA. Forget the Kabbalah tree of life, that's merely a truncated subway map (and not complete)!   The Flower of Life petals are made from spheres.   This is not an ET invasion, its an energetic restoration of what once was before the WHAT-IF experiment began. In a word, PARADISE.  

The ETs are US, everyone of us on Earth, our multidimensional aspects. We are all inbodyments of Creator Source.  Most of the ET races are forms of bi-pedal humans despite what the Hollywood has made people believe with the movies. Many of the non-human races are moving into bipedal human forms for the next stage of creation.

Back in July when this Sphere Alliance messaging started really flooding in, I had a talk with Heather Tucci-Jarraf about the coming inner-gration process of the spheres, Earth, Parallel Earth, Rare Earth, and Neptune (Neptune is both the name of a giant sphere and a smaller expedition ship that belongs to it. The expedition ship became known first by Steve Beckow in January 2012 when he was offered a short ride by Grener.  Grener is now a retired commander.  Naming the smaller ships after their mother sphere is quite common among the spheres).  

This conversation was the most unusual conversation I ever had with Heather as I felt I was talking to a scientist as she got quite specific and detailed about how all this works, perhaps her Bashar aspect was coming through, I don't know, but it was not the lawyer side of her speaking.   Utterly fascinating discussion.

The four major spheres mentioned above, Earth, Rare Earth, Parallel Earth and the Neptune, represent energy spectrums/bandwidths of energy  their respective realms that were commonly called "densities" (or more confusingly dimensions) from.

These 4 spheres, along with all the others who berth/anchor (which is the 5th component) represent the full frequency spectrum of the original "PARADISE" before the "WHAT-IF" experiment. 3D/4D Earth is the anchor point for all these realms.  IT WAS NEVER ABOUT "ASCENDING" BUT OF MERGING ALL REALMS, RESTORING ENERGIES THAT WERE MISSING AND ENDING SEPARATION.  


Heather's July sketch notes - CLICK TO ENLARGE
It has long been known among the realms that when Earth changes all realms change, that message has been pretty consistent from all perceived channeled and ET sources.  The reason for this is Earth is the primal point of the known creation.  Everything is quantum entangled with its beginning.  There's a general compression/condensation occurring in the realms/galaxies and the preceived "distance" is rapidly shrinking.  Will realms exist afterwards?  Yes.  And access to them will not be be limited by guardians, gate keepers and financial commerce systems who decided who they thought was worthy and unworthy (which more often than not had to do with profit and commerce in the universal systems).

There are some major shifts of consciousness going on in Italy and some quite unexpected awakening going on in the population at large here.  I will say more about that later. Italy is were Rome got started and it really never died, it just went corporate over the centuries. UCC law is just Vatican Canon law in drag.  So it makes sense that things that change here propagate out.  Just as it is doing on a planetary scale.
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