Monday, January 11, 2016

In Memory of Bowie, "Everyone Says Hi!"

Everyone Says Hi, Cover by Fife Monroe....

Acceptance...of what you BE,
the Everest of Self Discovery

January 11, 2016

By American Kabuki

What follows is a journey to acceptance. A journey that is not easy, Everest is probably easier. Everest just requires perseverance and prior physical training. Everest doesn't require you to question everything you believe about who you are.

I haven't share many private thoughts for a good while on this blog.  Its probably similar to your journey so perhaps my struggles with it, can aid you in your journey.  Or not... you may not even understand a word of what follows.  Some won't. I get that. At least not yet.

Your journey will not be the same as mine, but I am willing to bet some part of this may help.  You are me, and I am you, in a different form, a different experience of life, a different genetic make up, a different set of emotional chemistry that makes you uniquely U.  We all come from Creator Source and indeed have our form from the energy and love of Source. For some, even that is a difficult thing to swallow, especially those that saw Source/God/Allah as a being on a cloud, a father with a white beard, you name the stereotype cliche, rather than the entire field of consciousness and awareness that all form and energy spring via love.

We are manifestations of Source within Source, unique expressions within the ONE. That itself is not an easy understanding to come to apprehend.  Perhaps I am speaking only to those who have come to this head knowledge of this fact of WHAT IS.  If you haven't arrived at this point, what follows, won't make sense.  Or with an open mind, maybe later, its a jig saw puzzle piece that helps completes are helps complete a larger picture.

The rub is experiencing what you know academically as factualized experience.


This dream is particular to me, and the upbringing I had.  It was a very emotionally packed dream.

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