Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Scarf Dancers!

Scarf Dancer Painting by Lubov
by American Kabuki

Denice is currently away, there was a death in the family, so SA postings will be a little slow in coming for a bit, but I do have a few backlogged for posting in the meantime...

With markets around the world topping like dominoes... I thought I'd post something a little lighter fare from the Sphere Alliance tonight.

This came after a conversation with Thor and Sherran... and I decided to just throw the conversation open and see who showed up... what a delightful surprise it was! Scarf Dancers!

During a prior conversation with Ashtar Sherran (Sphere Alliance Message #125), he sent me a telepathic image of the costumes these lovely women wear.  Beneath all the scarves is something like a bikini made from gemstones. I saw a ruby one and a diamond one in the images Sherran sent me.

This isn't quite Las Vegas Show girls act, its closer to belly dancing and modern dance than anything all very tastefully and stunningly done.

[1/12/16, 3:05:56 AM] AK/Terran: Hey you got a moment?

[1/12/16, 3:06:06 AM] DENICE: sure. . . (sun)

[1/12/16, 3:06:35 AM] AK/Terran: Is there any wildcard out there that wants to chat?

[1/12/16, 3:07:15 AM] AK/Terran: Energy just went way up

[1/12/16, 3:07:16 AM] DENICE: be specific. . . feels like they all want to chat with you. . .except the fairy will not go through me (chuckle)

[1/12/16, 3:07:27 AM] DENICE: she's only going to work with you ;) (rofl)

[1/12/16, 3:07:37 AM] AK/Terran: Haha...

[1/12/16, 3:07:59 AM] DENICE: I kid you not.  . she's serious. . .blocking me at every turn

[1/12/16, 3:11:03 AM] DENICE: ok. . . who do you have in mind?

[1/12/16, 3:11:30 AM] AK/Terran: I don't know any who feels friendly?

[1/12/16, 3:11:45 AM] DENICE: I am game. . . .

[1/12/16, 3:12:04 AM] AK/Terran: How about a scarf dancer then of any ship

[1/12/16, 3:12:10 AM] DENICE: Ha ha!

[1/12/16, 3:12:17 AM] DENICE: too funny!

[1/12/16, 3:12:23 AM] DENICE: I was thinking of Isis. . . [Isis (the being) appeared a fewe nights earlier when we did a meditation for a peaceful resolution of the Oregon standoff...  first time I have encountered her in the SA conversations.  -AK]

[1/12/16, 3:12:28 AM] DENICE: I know her energy ;)

[1/12/16, 3:12:39 AM] DENICE: but she doesn't scarf dance (chuckle)

[1/12/16, 3:12:46 AM] AK/Terran: That would be interesting too.

[1/12/16, 3:13:07 AM] DENICE: go ahead. . .ask someone to join you. . .I haven't done this before, but it would be neat

[1/12/16, 3:13:29 AM] DENICE: I am feeling a thousand hands going up in the air. . .pick me pick me (rofl)

[1/12/16, 3:13:35 AM] AK/Terran: Are there any scarf dancers out there?

[1/12/16, 3:13:45 AM] DENICE: four.

[1/12/16, 3:13:54 AM] AK/Terran: Cool!

[1/12/16, 3:14:12 AM] DENICE: choose a color: red, blue, green, or violet

[1/12/16, 3:14:19 AM] AK/Terran: Red

[1/12/16, 3:14:29 AM] DENICE: here we go

[1/12/16, 3:14:47 AM] DENICE: She's up


GAIA PORTAL: Selections of Higher Energetics illuminate all

Selections of Higher Energetics illuminate all
by √ČirePort

Selections of Higher Energetics illuminate all.

Energetics comply with the Nova Gaia patterns.

Fellowship follows release.

Countdown sequentials have commenced.

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